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Yesterday and today I’ve been in meetings planning a big new adventure for ACFW. If you’re dream includes writing a book, then you really need to check out ACFW. My writing journey would look very different without the things I have learned from ACFW members. This year I came back on the board as publicity officer. That’s always an adventure, because many of the new endeavors fall under publicity. So this year we started offering webinars. We’ve had three this fall that went great. Now I’m sketching out plans for what the program will look like on a sustained basis. Then there’s this new project, daunting and very exciting! You’ll just have to stay tuned for more information, but know exciting things are coming!

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  1. It’s exciting for me! I haven’t been a member very long, but it’s exciting to think I’m not a part of so many wonderful things they are doing! I hope I can someday help in more ways, because I so believe in what you all are doing!

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