ACFW Redux in Photos

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In the following photos you’ll find a visual synopsis of my time at ACFW. It was AMAZING and there’s so much I can’t go into here, but it’s a start 🙂

A highlight was spending a couple meals with the amazing and humble Frank Peretti. Roll call: who’s read and been changed by his books?


Had the honor of praying with Beth Vogt for a dear friend. Love this woman’s heart.


With the AMAZING Robin Jones Gunn. She pointed all of our hearts to Jesus in her keynotes. I want to shine with Jesus like she does.


With my adorable friend Ashley Clark — she was on crutches the whole time! That’s dedication. Look for her books someday…

With sweet friend Casey Herringshaw

Fun lunch with writer buds: Susan Meissner, Jim Rubart, Jenny B Jones, Dan Walsh, Randy Ingermanson, Linda Attaway, Ronie Kendig, Nicole O’Dell and moi.

With my amazing editor Julie Gwinn at the gala after she won Editor of the Year. The ladies in purple!

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