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Y’all my friend Courtney Walsh’s book Paper Hearts is finally available for you to buy. Here is the world’s best trailer that gives you a hint of why this book will be a hit!

Onpaper heart Eric 2e of the aspects that captivated me as I readPaper Hearts was the way one of the couples preserved and memorialized their love day by day through paper hearts. If you read the book (which you really should), you’ll see how those hearts become a key piece of the story.

We’re in the process of moving — and part of that has meant I’m packing and pitching 12 years worth of life. One thing I can’t — no, won’t — pitch is the small box filled with letters and cards Eric and I sent each other over the course of our friendship, courtship and early marriage. Those letters capture the reality of who we were at that stage. At one point we were single-handedly keeping Hallmark and Dayspring in business!

There is something powerful about writing down your feelings…even if they’re run-of-the-mill, every-day feelings.

Sometimes we need that reminder of why we fell in love. The reminder of what we love still. And the reminder of who we are in the eyes of our love.

I was inspired by the novel to make a fresh commitment to surprising my love with notes — no matter how small — that remind him how much I love and appreciate him. If Hallmark sales explode, you know why.

So enjoy the trailer, and below you’ll find two graphics you can download to make your own paper hearts. Then post them on Twitter or Facebook and be sure you let me know. I can’t wait to read them!
Paper Hearts 3Paper Heart 2


What you do: Create your own version of a “paper heart”. This can be ANYTHING that suits you. Literally a heart cut from a piece of copy paper can work or a post it note. Or, if you’re feeling artsy, it can be a painting, a sketch, a bookmark, or of course a card!

Who do I write my heart to? Your kids. Your husband. Your best friend. A teacher who changed your life. A mentor. Someone you admire who has no idea who you are. In short, anyone you want!!

Giveaway Time!: We’re excited to participate in the #shareyourheart Blog Tour and especially excited because you have a chance to WIN a pretty awesome prize package! All you have to do is:

1.    find Courtney on Facebook HERE;

2.    SHARE the Paper Hearts Book Trailer with your friends (link:;

3.    Then, as a bonus, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway  too! That’s it, easy as pie!

** For bonus entries, create your own paper heart and share it on Courtney’s Facebook wall and tag your post with #shareyourheart**

Want to know what you can win?  Have a look at this AWESOME prize package…


Here is a look at the Paper Hearts #shareyourheart Blog Tour schedule and we’re sure you’ll notice some great ladies taking part too:

February 8:

Courtney Walsh

Scrapbooking & Cards Today – that’s us!

Jennifer McGuire

February 9:

Jen Gallacher

Melissa Tagg

Cara Putman

February 10:

Jeanne Oliver

Mindy Lacefield

Sarah Ladd

February 11:

Brave Girls Club/Kathy Wilkins

Katherine Reay 

Tyndale/Crazy 4 Fiction

February 12:

Vicki Boutin

Becky Strahle

Kristy Cambron

February 13:

Rebecca Sower

Katie Ganshert

Junelle Jacobsen 

February 14:

Giveaway winners chosen! Winners posted on Courtney’s blog! 

So there you have it SCT friends, a challenge!  Can I challenge you to post your “paper heart?”  We would love to see many of our readers from around the world sharing their hearts with the ones they love.  Don’t forget you can download Nicole’s free cut file from Tuesday’s blog post and get to work!  I’m going to work on mine now 🙂  And don’t forget to follow this tour until the very end!

For bonus entries, create your own paper heart and share it on Courtney’s wall and tag your post with #shareyourheart.


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