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FB WWII 2Welcome to the WWII 75th Anniversary Blog Tour! I’m so glad you’ve joined us! Eight authors of Christian World War II novels are commemorating the war that started on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. Thank you for joining us as we remember this day.

Eight of your favorite WWII novelists have banded together to share to highlight this day which still impacts the world. Europe was redefined. New lines were drawn. New alliances were forged. Lives were forever changed as a result of this war that would eventually effect the majority of the war. American men who had never traveled beyond the borders for their counties, would find themselves marching across countries they’d only read about or sweating through jungles on islands they couldn’t place on a map before the outbreak of hostilities.

Our novels illuminate different aspects of the war—from the Holocaust to the Pacific to the US Home Front. Today visit each author as we share stories through the eyes of our characters, our research, and our unique settings. With each blog post, you’ll have the opportunity to win that author’s novel, plus a chance to win a packet of ALL EIGHT featured novels!

Giveaway Details

For a chance to win ALL EIGHT novels featured on our blog tour, please visit each blog, collect the answers to the questions, and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway on the BLOG TOUR PAGE. The contest opens September 1, 2014 at 6 am EST and closes September 6, 2014 at 11 pm PST. The winners will be announced on Monday, September 8, 2014.

To win the prize of ALL EIGHT books, you must collect ALL EIGHT answers. The winner must be prepared to send ALL EIGHT answers within 24 hrs of notification by email, or a new winner will be selected.

You can enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway once each day! The more often you visit, the more entries you receive! However, you only need to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway once to be entered. But don’t forget…to win, you must have collected ALL EIGHT answers.

Click on each book cover to visit! Links will go live on Monday, September 1. And be sure to scroll to the end to enter the Rafflecopter.

Be sure to collect the answers for the following questions:

Sarah Sundin: What song does Kay dance to?

Liz Tolsma: How old was Gisela Cramer when Germany invaded?

Melanie Dobson: What major city did Hitler overtake in 1940?

Cara Putman: Where does Abigail Turner want to work?

Tricia Goyer: What country was Helene from?

Kristy CambronWhat special family item does Kája take with her into the bomb shelter during the mid-night bombing drill?

Cathy Gohlke: What was the code name for Hitler’s plan to eliminate the physically & mentally handicapped?

Sigmund Brouwer: What object did Jeremiah receive from his father while Jeremiah and Pietje were fishing beneath the house?

In Perfect Time Daisies are Forever Chateau of Secrets Where treetops Glisten
Butterfly Violin Saving Amelie Thief of Glory

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  4. It would definitely be the things done to the Jewish people. The way they were killed and the way they were treated as less than human beings. It is just disgusting!

  5. So many things happened in WWII and it is hard to know what event stands out the most. Of course, I have read so much about the Holocaust and it is one of the things I always think about in relation to WWII. I also think about Pearl Harbor and the end of the war when we dropped the bombs in Japan.

  6. Our son’s Au Pair is a delightful young lady from Poland who has been telling me about the invasion of Poland and the heros who stood against the Nazi forces.

  7. Its hard for me to narrow down a specific event, because so many horrendous things happened. I think what stands out to me is that such evil occurred all over the world and many looked away. And later denied that they knew nothing about it.

  8. The bombing of Pearl Harbor. I was blessed to be able to visit the monument and take a tour when I was in Hawaii a couple of years ago.

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  9. There are so many events that stick out to me regarding WWII. Normandy, the Pacific, Pearl Harbor, concentration camps, Battle of Britain…I could go on and on.

  10. Unfortunately, the WWII event that stands out in my mind is that my grandfather was a POW. He never really talked about it, but I have one of his Army books with some of his notations in it, and a few stories from him. Such a horrible time in our history.
    Thank you for the blog tour! And for the giveaway!
    Kelly Y

  11. The event that stands out in my mind concerning WWII was the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Decades Later my son was stationed at Scholfield Barracks on the Island of Oahu. He shared with us about the holes in the buildings from the strafing the Japanese Zeros did has they flew over the Naval Base and the Army post. My father-in-law fought in the Philippines during the war as well. We are proud of the history of military service in both my family and ly husbands!

  12. The time period of WWII was when my parents were young and this is the most interesting time period for me to read about. My father was a WWII vet and I love reading/learning more about this time in our history. I would love to read each and every book!

  13. The one event that stands out the most in my mind is when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor since that was what pulled the United States into the war.

    These all look like wonderful books. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  14. The WWII event that stands out in my mind right now is D-Day. All the planning and cooperation of so many people and nations that went into that is incredible.

  15. I would love to win this group of books! I am a huge fan of many of these authors, and I look forward to reading the novels of those that I am not familiar with yet. Regardless, of whether I win or not, I will definitely find and read the novels in this set that I have not yet read.

    1. One of the events of WWII that stood out to me the most is the lack of effort so many Christians in Germany and other European countries put into saving, hiding, or rescuing Jews once they realized what the Nazis were doing. This fact really struck me when I read Saving Amelie, particularly in light of the excerpts Cathy Goulke included from Bonhoeffer’s sermons and letters.

  16. The killing of so many innocent people stands out to me. It just makes my heart ache as I read all the posts on the blog tour pages.. Thank you for retelling this in your stories….

  17. My introduction to World War II happened as a child when I was looking through my grandmother’s books for something to read. I was in second grade and chose Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl. I was stunned. Thinking that people actually had to hide out was stunning and always heavy in my heart when it comes to the war.

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      I think that book introduced many of us to the war and the Holocaust. When we were in Germany a couple summers ago, we went to the concentration camp Anne and her sister died at. So sobering to experience that.

  18. I’ve always enjoyed listening to my grandfather’s stories of serving during WWII, so my favorite event is a personal story when a thought prompted him to move the men under his command, just before a German artillery barrage hit the area where they had been sleeping.

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  19. I just wanted to mention that the link to like Melanie Dobson wasn’t working and her regular page is Melanie.Dobson on facebook but her author page is Melanie-Dobson. Not sure that matters but I wanted to make a note of what I liked. Sara Sundin’s didn’t work either at least for me but I found it. Thank you for the giveaway.

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      Thanks, Kelly! I fixed Sarah’s. Without an author page, there’s not much I can do for Melanie’s, but really appreciate the heads up on Sarah’s! Thanks for participating in the tour.

  20. This sounds like an amazing giveaway! Thank you for offering it to everyone. I’ve always found world war 2 fascinating and I try to read as many books, fiction and nonfiction, about it as I can. I wish that my grandfather and my great aunt were still alive. They lived through it and I would love to be able to chat with them about their experiences.

  21. This sounds like an amazing giveaway! Thank you for offering it to everyone. I’ve always found world war 2 fascinating and I try to read as many books, fiction and nonfiction, about it as I can. I wish that my grandfather and my great aunt were still alive. They lived through it and I would love to be able to chat with them about their experiences.

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      I wish I’d done the same with my Grandpa who served at the Pentagon. Such a missed opportunity. I didn’t know then how captivated by the real history of the war I would become.

  22. Definitely not a famous event, but my American grandfather met my Northern Irish grandmother in Northern Ireland during the war and they married there in Northern Ireland.

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  23. What WWII event stands out in my mind? I would have to say the holocaust. The things they did to those Hitler considered “unworthy” was an atrocity. I still can’t believe he managed to brainwash so many people into going along with it!
    Thanks for an fun giveaway!

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  24. D-Day and the Battle on the Bulge stand out to me because my Dad was involves in both these events and
    he survived. Came home, married his girlfriend,(my Mom),
    had two kids, and lived to be 87 years old.

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  25. The event that stands out in mind at the moment is this. My Daddy was a Merchant seaman during the war, taking supplied to the different ports. He was telling me about one ship that was loaded with bombs. The largest ones were stacked on the bottom, then the next size on top of that and so on until the hold was completely packed.
    Thank you for this blog tour. They are always so much fun.

  26. I know someone has already mentioned it but reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” opened my eyes to so much. I was thirteen when I read her diary and realized, with horror, how the Jewish people were treated and what was done to them. Her story has stayed with me through the years. It is because of her I tend to watch/learn about that time in our history.

  27. Thank you for this awesome giveaway and a chance to win 8 wonderful books. Pearl Harbor is what sticks out in my mind the most for my History classes in school. I just started reading some WWII books so winning would be a great start for me. Again thank you! ~Blessings to all the authors ~

  28. Listening to CD of UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand, and am impressed by how much uncertainty there was among the pilots of WW II. Rescue plans, escape techniques,location of all the pilots and passengers, etc. were all by chance. The technology was so inadequate. Those men were very courageous, brave heros. thanks for the contest and hope I win!

  29. I am learning a lot about WWII from reading these novels. I have read Saving Amelie and am waiting for my daughter to get her copy of The Butterfly and the Violin, so we can read it together. The main aspect of WWII that stands out to me is the concentration camps. It is something I just cannot comprehend. My grandfather had some small black and white pics, as he served in the U.S. military and was in Germany when the war ended, and it is so sad to imagine it.

  30. Aside from the Holocaust it would be Pearl Harbor. Having visited Pearl Harbor about 24 years ago and seeing the oil from the ships still coming to surface. It was surreal.

  31. There are many things that stand out to me from my reading: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the blitzes in London, and especially the Holocaust.

  32. I am not sure that there is one event that stands out in my mind. I work in a county historical society, and I am fascinated whenever we receive an item(s) from World War II–dog tags, uniforms, patches, medals, discharge papers, letters/postcards home, photographs, etc. I love researching to see what I can find on the person the items belonged to and what I can find on the items themselves.

  33. I love when authors do these! Its a great way to learn about other authors and to be updated on authors I already like. Love that this is all WWII! Thanks for doing it! There are many things that stand out about WWII, the camps, Pearl Harbor, the bombing, but something else that has stood out since I had a class on radio was getting to hear some of the reports from WWII and how eerily quiet it was to more significantly how normal things on the streets were bombings could occur any second.

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  34. One WWII event? Only one?! (I am a total WWII history nerd.) The Monuments Men, of course. 🙂 Operation Mincemeat…a corpse totally fooled the Nazis. Or Irena Sendler, a Polish woman who saved 2,500 jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto.

    I just got done reading the Boy on the Wooden Box, a memoir by the youngest Jew Schindler saved, that was awesome.

    I would love to win these books!!

  35. Besides the major events (D-Day, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, etc), I often think of the Yalta conference, where the world leaders met to discuss the aftermath of the war – my great uncle was a pilot, and he was in the group that flew Roosevelt.

  36. The WW2 event that most stands out to me… I think would be just the way people’s lives were changed so much over the course of the war and even before and after. It’s not a specific event, and sometimes it was gradual, but it really sticks out to me. They were used to leading normal, everyday lives… and people became scared to speak up, even when they may not have agreed with what was going on. Others risked their lives for what they believed in and for chance to help others escape. Like Esther, they knew that they were exactly in the position to act, and they made the most of it. That’s startling and very moving for me. It’s so inspiring.

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  37. What events, that stand out in my mind about WW2, are those, that my mother’s cousin experienced as a young boy in the Polish village of Maliniska. When he was around 8 years old, he remembers watching from the back of his house,in a mixture of absolute horror and the curiosity of youth, the Nazis chasing all the Jewish people from their tiny village. As the people fled by way of the only exit, they were cut down by Nazi snipers, located on the rooftops of the houses.Later, at the war’s end, for a class trip, they filed onto trucks and were taken to visit Auschwitz. He said, you could still smell smoke in the air. I can’t imagine, what went through those student’s minds, especially those, who themselves were interred like my mother’s cousin.

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  38. I’m amazed at all the brave things that “ordinary people” did, risking their lives to save others and standing up for what they believed was right. We’ve missed that in our era. Thanks for the fun blog tour!

  39. I’m sorry, I know I already commented but I didn’t know I needed to answer a specific question in it. I’m not sure what is the one thing that stands out the most. There’s so many heroes and horrors to just choose one. Honestly.

  40. Wow, well so many, but the horror of the Holocaust and the incredible bravery of those who tried to help; the nationals who risked their lives to get people out or interrupt the Nazi’s work. Then I go back to D-Day and think how did anyone live through that? And the horror of the bombing in England . . . guess I couldn’t stop! ; ) I have learned a lot! Thanks for the giveaway and the great way to learn more. Thanks for writing these stories so we can know . . . I know they are fiction but based on real events and all of you authors are really exceptional people to share their stories. Thank you.

  41. Pearl Harbor stands out to me. What an unthinkable thing for a tiny nation to take on the USA! Those unsuspecting men and women that day are memorialized forever in our history.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

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  43. How the fighting ended up in other countries like Africa… being South African, it’s always interesting to see how wars affect the continent.

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  44. Although everything about WWII stands out to me, there is one particular event that really captures my full attention- V-E Day May 8,1945. The relief and joy people must have felt during that time had to be something to see. Thank you for the awesome giveaway !

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  45. The WWII event that stands out in my mind is Pearl Harbor. When I was in school I had to interview my grandfather about his WWII memories and he described being a young teenager and listening to the reports over the radio and how his mother cried when she heard.

  46. I love WWII fiction but I can’t imagine living during that period of history, not knowing if your son, husband, etc. would make it home alive.

    1. I can’t edit my comment but wanted to add- the one event that stands out for me is Pearl Harbor. Our country was attacked and we had to fight back.

  47. I find WWII literature very inspiring as the humanity could shine through such a difficult period of time. I would love to win this pack! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    1. As for the WWII moment – I have visited Auschwiz and I have never felt such a “genius loci” of horror as there. I am not crybaby, but there I wept three times. Any concentration camp/work camp is such a crime against humanity!

  48. So many things stand out in my mind about WWII, but I think my current fascination is with the London Blitz because of the toll it took on civilians–we were shielded from those kinds of things here in the US. Thanks for the blog tour and the giveaway!

  49. I don’t know one event in particular that stands out but I like to read about WWII in its whole scope, and especially the stories that are little known. I hope we can learn from history and never repeat the terrible things that were committed during the war.

  50. When I think of WWII I think of the bombing at Pearl Harbor. My grandfather was on a submarine that had just left Pearl Harbor before it was bombed.

  51. I’ve read so much about that time period and I still cannot understand Hitler’s pure “Hatred” of others. That really has impacted me the most…What kind of human animal could hate, hurt and kill so many children? I just don’t understand it at all.

    Thanks for being a part of this team effort Cara, and even if I do not win all 8 books I’m still going to try and read every book in the pkg.


  52. For me, it’s less a specific event standing out in my mind, and more the individual faces from photographs in Ken Burn’s The War book.
    There is one photo, of an exhausted man holding up a piece of bloody shrapnel. The caption says that this piece inflicted his “million dollar wound” that is his ticket out of the war zone. Even in black and white, you can tell that his eyes are so blue. And I look at him, and I wonder where he went.

  53. How exciting! I’d love to win these – I love reading about this era!

    It’s hard to pick one event, but the first that comes to mind is D-Day. I just can’t imagine the courage to go ito such a battle.

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  54. The WWII events that stand out for me are probably a bit more personal. My mother lived in what is today’s Poland and was forced to flee her home in Jan. 1945. She and her mother and sister were in a prison camp for quite a while before they were released. They suffered many trials that I doubt I could have survived.

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