A whisper of hope

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I’m in a season of life where I’m being asked to hope about something I don’t have an abundance of hope for. It’s one of those times, my mind gets to apply what my heart resists. It’s amazing how now I’m seeing messages about hope everywhere I go. Have you ever experienced that? Need #hope? We all do. @Cara_Putman shares …

5 Reasons to Stop the Comparison Game

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Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s hard enough to mother in a generation where there are more how-to books than any one person could read. And each has a different strategy, a different technique, a different this-is-the-way-you-must-mother-or-you-have-epically-failed. Yet this ignores several important elements. 1) Each child is completely different. I have certainly seen this played out in my …

Books to Feed Your Soul & Giveaway

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I read a ton of fiction. I inhale novels. By July, I’d read something like sixty according to the list I keep on Goodreads. Now I find myself in a season of inhaling non-fiction, feeding my soul in a different way. Today I thought it would be fun to share some of those with you, while also having a link at the end for a giveaway of Tricia Goyer’s Walk It Out.

Fiction Friday: Rule of Law & Crown of Souls

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I’ve been so busy writing, I haven’t written a lot of posts about the books I’ve been reading. Today’s your lucky day because these are two really great suspense novels. And if you continue to the end, I’m giving away one copy of Randy’s Rule of Law. Love #suspense? @cara_putman #givingaway Rule of Law, one of best reads this fall along …

Attending ACFW?

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Are you attending ACFW this year? A first timer? Here are my notes on how to prepare. There’s a lot here, so if you need to, search for the most relevant parts. Enjoy! And I hope this helps! Preparing for conference 2017 class Attending #ACFW2017? @Cara_Putman shares her #tips for #writersconference success. Click To Tweet

Fun Reader Quotes

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Today I thought I’d do something a little different. Love to read? @cara_putman created bookish quotes for you. #amreading #quotes Click To Tweet I love writing. And I adore reading…it’s not as much work as writing. Today I thought I’d share some fun reading quotes and images. Feel free to post these wherever you like. 🙂 Consider these my gift to …

Keeping My Eyes on My Page

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I ran across this saying a few weeks ago, and it’s been pinging across my brain a lot. Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you don’t struggle with feelings if insecurity or inadequacy. Maybe you’re first reaction to requests for a conversation isn’t “what did I do wrong?” Ever wonder “why not me?” @Cara_putman suggests keep your eyes on your …

Tools to Help Kids with Faith

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As a homeschooling Mom, I’m always looking for tools that will help me transmit faith to my children. I don’t want them to be Christians because I’m a Christian, but to have a faith that is their own. That means helping them question and explore and giving them the tools to see the evidence for God. One of the tools that I’ve liked because of its targeted nature for upper elementary kids is the God’s Crime Scene series. I also like Understanding the Time for high school students.