What Happens When Dreams Go Wrong?

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We don’t want to think about it, do we? Those times when a dream completely derails. Or it somehow goes wrong in a way you never imagined or contemplated.

God-sized dreams are not controllable. I was just telling Tricia Goyer Saturday that I firmly believe one reason God has me in publishing is that it is so outside of my control. I can write the book, but I can’t make it a best-seller. I can’t force a publisher to like an idea and me. I can’t control how long I’m in this crazy business. I am constantly reminded just how in control God is.

So what happens when we lose control and the dream is derailed? Do we get up and charge forward, trying one more time? Will we press on or give up?

Holley challenges us to ask three questions to guard our hearts when it comes to decisions about our dreams:

  • Does it align with Scripture?
  • What do the wise people in my life say about it?
  • When I pray about this, what does it seem God is whispering to me?

These are great questions! Often it is when I am ready to give up and I’ve resurrendered the dream to God, that is when He begins to show up with patience and encouragement. ¬†Remember today’s showers are tomorrow’s flowers!

Now for a hard question: When something doesn’t work out the way you plan, do you tend to give up or try again? What encourages you to persevere?

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  1. Cara, when you said one of the reasons God has you in publishing may be because it’s so outside your control, I completely resonated. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve said almost the exact same thing to friends…I tend to be most comfortable when I’ve got a good handle on things, when things are organized and scheduled and within my control…but this whole writing gig feels so completely out of my hands in so many ways. Even my own story doesn’t feel in my control! And I think, like you said, that may be the very reason God steered me this direction…because it’s forcing me to depend on him.

    As for what encourages me to persevere…well, I think sometimes it’s just plain stubbornness. Haha!

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  2. I don’t know if it’s that dreams go wrong … or just that dreams don’t go according to my hopes. I have to hold onto the truth that God knows. He’s sovereign over everything, including my plans and dreams. Earlier this year, I found myself kneeling before him and thanking him that I was living my dreams — even more than I’d dreamed. But I also had to release some of them and say, “God, if you allow these dreams to fail, then I accept that too.”

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      That’s how I try to live, too, Beth. It’s hard to keep laying them on the altar, but I don’t want to waste my time on things that aren’t His best.

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