It’s a Summer Bookclub

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Last week I finished listening to Wild & Free by Jess Connolly and¬†Hayley Morgan. It’s a book I want to dive deeper into and when I mentioned that on Facebook many of you wanted to dive deeper, too. So here we go. It’s been a few years since we’ve done a study together. If you’ve never done with me, these are really low key. We’ll read a chapter or two a week depending on the length of those particular chapters. Then I’ll write a post designed to get us thinking and talking about what was covered.

Wild & Free is currently $1.99 on ebook and you can add Whisper Sync if you get the Kindle book for about $4.00. This is the kind of book you can listen to with kids around. I’d love to do this with you. Simply fill out the form below to help me know how many are interested and the best format for the study. I’m waiting for my paper copy — I really need a physical book I can mark up — so anticipate starting about June 1st.

Here’s to chasing God together!

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