Overcoming Fear with Our Dreams

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Part of me really wants to let today’s post simply be the graphic. Would you read it again? Maybe print it and post it where you can see it often? We all have times…



The mom who’s giving the Proverbs 31 woman a run for her money.

The gal in your office who is PERFECT. So perfect you know you’ll never compare.

We all have times when fear growls at our door.

What do we do?

Holley talks about some great practical strategies. Tackle our fears. Name them. Tell our fears the truth. Refuse to feed fear a moment more.

Make the fear work for you. Let it warn you about risks, tell you what’s important to you. Let it energize you and lead you to love. Move forward.

So much easier said than done.

So this week confront one small fear. If it makes it easier, gives you accountability, post that fear here and how you will attack it. Start with the ant, not Goliath. Let God build your faith as you begin small and work your way up to the fears that seem like monsters. Ask God for help and then be sure to celebrate. Let’s do this!

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