Seeds of Dreams

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What’s that dream you’ve got hidden in the darkest depths of your deepest pocket? The one that is so covered with lint you’re not sure you could find the core dream? The one that’s been pushed aside by diapers, run to the grocery stores, and the details of life?

Have the realities of life taken the luster and shine off the dream?

Then these disclaimers from Holley’s book may help.

#1: You will never feel ready. So don’t wait until the time feels right, because you’ll never feel ready. Remember when we don’t feel ready, God has the opportunity to get the most glory. Let that one soak in for a minute. There’s rich truth in that.

#2: You will not like your dream sometimes. I can relate to this one. There are days the dream feels like nothing but hard work. And the reality is just about anything else sounds like more fun. Everything I’m giving up to chase the dream seems like too much of a sacrifice for the amount of work and effort the dream consumes. Holley’s advice is right on: Remember these times will pass. And if I could add, there will be days you can’t’ imagine doing anything else.


#3: You will sometimes feel alone. Why? Because no one will love your dream the way you do. As Holley says, “One of the most important tests of your dream is your ability to push through those times when you feel alone or strange and finish what God has called you to do anyway.”

#4: Success will look different than you think. We have to remember the dream can’t become an idol in our life that takes the place of God. Ouch. To remember that He is the “more” our hears seek in everything we pursue. And remember that obedience is the true success — even when the outer wrappings of success are so different from the way we imagined.

#5: One day this dream will be your new normal. And then the hunger for the next big, God-sized dream will begin to overwhelm your heart. One of the things I’ve realized is that what was my promised land can become my Egypt if I’m not willing to keep moving forward with God. Indeed each new dream is another step on the journey. I love Holley’s comment that each dream reveals a different part of God’s character.

So what “seeds of dreams” are you carrying around in your pocket? Remember, this may not be the season for them, but at least you know they’re there and can be planted in God’s perfect timing.



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  1. I love that second point about how sometimes you just plain won’t like your dream. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had conversations with writing friends when we’ve moaned, “Man, wouldn’t life be easier if we didn’t have this writing dream?” For instance, I could just work ONE career. 🙂 I’d have waaaay more free time.

    And yet, this is the dream God has given me…the good thing is, those whiny days, the days when I don’t necessarily like the dream, they always eventually pass.

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  2. Cara, I loved Holley’s book, and I really appreciated the printables she included on her website. They allowed me to work through each chapter. I needed this post today–more than anything, the picture and quote you included. Thanks for reminding me to press forward!

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  3. My problem is that even looking at “the dream” is difficult and anxiety-producing… I have no idea how to live it when I can’t even look at it… For a long time, it was put away while I was having many babies… now my youngest is 4yrs. old and I don’t actually have that reason anymore… but, the fears (and exposure and vulnerability, etc.) that come with looking at the dream are still a bit much for me to handle now… so, I am still praying for that one step right now… No need to hate the dream if you can’t even move towards it…. I struggle, too, with seeing others’ dreams not fulfilled, and why and how that happens in this life…. and what it means for me….

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