Vision Boards — What’s Yours look like?

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Dream Vision Board 11.6.13REDO

At the end of Chapter One, Holley challenges us to create a vision board. My amazing friend Beth Vogt is already on hers. Mine is still in my mind. This weekend I’m headed to Wal-Mart or anywhere to get my poster board and start creating.

However, I already know some of the themes that will go on it. I dream of traveling. Seeing more of the world than I already have. God has already answered some of that dream by allowing my family to leave in Germany for eight weeks the summer of 2012. But as so often happens, that just whetted my appetite for more!

I’m living a dream by teaching at a Big Ten University. As I’ve been exploring this topic, God reminded me that my dream as a sophomore in college was to get my Ph.D. and teach international relations at a university. Instead I got my J.D. and teach in the business law area, but I’m still teaching and I LOVE it.

The dream of writing was birthed in my at about 13 or 14. While the dream had to lie dormant for a season, when God said run, He meant it!

I dream of helping women find the courage and vision to chase the dreams God either shouts or whispers. But I also want fresh vision. What’s God dream for me right now? Is there something new He wants me to explore? How will He use this MBA He has me getting?

Dreaming is a process. Where are you in the journey? Have you finished your vision board? Started it? Email it to me at cara at caraputman dot come and I’d love to share it with others. I’m also creating a Pinterest board where we can share these.

Are you reading the book and participating in the bookclub? Be sure to let me know here, so I can keep you informed and send you a signed bookplate from the author.

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  1. I was so intrigued by the idea of a vision board … and several nights of insomnia helped me create one. It’s no surprise my board is covered mostly in words. I’m a writer — I deal in words. I also have white space on my board. Why? Because I left space for God to add to my dream, my vision.
    In so many ways, I’m living my dreams. I’m writing — and God has expanded that dream in ways I never imagined. I’m surrounded by family and friends. I know who I am in strength and truth. What I’m asking as I read Holley Gerth’s book is “What next, Lord? What new dream do you have for me? Or how do you want to change this one?”

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      I love that, Beth! And I find myself often living in that place of “what next, Lord?” He seems to give me opportunities to check my dreams and make sure they’re still the right ones for this season of my life. Ah, I should write about seasons 🙂

  2. I just started reading Chapter 1 this morning…haven’t even gotten to the part about vision boards yet…but I love the idea of it. The line I just can’t over this morning from Chapter 1 is this: “Every dream or desire you have that comes from God is an invitation for more intimacy with him.” Honestly gave me goosebumps when I read it.

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  3. I started a vision board with a twist a few years ago where I put my insecurities and doubts as a first layer and wanted to cover them up with my visions and hopes for the future. It is currently sitting in my closet unfinished, but I am hoping to work more on it with this inspiration from the book!

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  4. I finished my vision board last night! I’m sending you a picture of it later. One thing that surprised me–so much of my vision board already exists in my life. I take a lot of what brings me joy for granted.

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      Yeah! I’ll get it posted soon! I love that it showed you how much you already have of what you want. Such a good point! We have to stop and look at our lives to see all the blessings we already have.

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