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WTG_WartimeChristmas_SocialMediaI am so very excited about a promotion my publisher is running for Where Treetops Glisten. I knew Waterbrook/Multnomah was a great house to write for, but this promotion just sealed it for me. We’re partnering with you as readers in an exciting opportunity to buy a copy of Where Treetops Glisten and then the publisher will send one of five books to someone currently serving in the military.

How awesome is that!

Sarah Sundin, Tricia Goyer and I are also writing a series of blog posts with practical ways we can help the families of active duty military. As a daughter who well remembers her dad’s tour in Desert Storm, I am so THRILLED we are doing this.

Each of us are writing special blog posts about how we can support the military, their spouses, and their kids. This series starts today at Tricia’s blog with great ways you can help spread holiday cheer to the troops.

The form below has all the details. But here are the key ones:

  • You can buy up to 5 copies of WTG, and the publisher will give 5 books for free from the list.
  • The list of available titles is excellent–seriously these are awesome books. The publisher is not clearing out books that nobody wanted to read:

All you have to do is order or buy Where Treetops Glisten between 11/11 and 11/26, then fill out the form below. Books will be sent out the first week of December to make it there in plenty of time before Christmas. Here’s an important note, too: This offer is first come, first served…while supplies last.

I’m pretty excited! What a great way to get some great books to share with servicemen and women you know.


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