Monuments Men: Rachel’s Camera

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Tomorrow the giveaway I’m hosting to celebrate the release of Shadowed by Grace ends. I wanted to make sure you each had an opportunity to participate. In this I’m giving away the camera that Rachel Justice, the heroine, uses. You might think she’s fictional, but while I was writing her scenes I would play with this camera to make sure I knew what she would actually do.

Rachel was an artist in her own way as a war photojournalist. As I researched the amazing handful of women who served as war correspondents and photojournalists, I knew this was who Rachel was. This was her purpose and reason for being in Italy. But I needed to know what kind of camera she would use. How would she manipulate it? How could she develop the film? Great research fills many of the gaps, but there’s still nothing like actually holding the camera in my hands. That’s where my amazing husband came in. He saw what I was looking at and ordered two from ebay! Have I mentioned that he did this at least a year before I had a contract for the book?

Yes, he’s amazing. The video will show you the camera and a bit about how Rachel would have used it. And it’s going to some lucky person. Might as well be you!

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