Shadowed by Grace and the Monuments Men

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The launch of Shadowed by Grace continues. Thank you so much to everyone who has already bought a book. Tune back in later this week as I begin revealing the lost chapters…some fun reading for those who have purchased the book and want to learn more about the characters.

Yesterday I had the great fun of being a guest on Chris Fabry Live. A Moody program, we spent the better part of an hour talking WWII, Monuments Men, my motivation for writing historical fiction, and … what it’s like to be a second generation homeschooler. If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview, by clicking on the banner below.

This week Monuments Men enters movie theaters across the country! I am so excited to see what George Clooney and his team have done with the story of these men. I’ll be there Friday night … and will let you know my thoughts as soon as the movie is over. This week, I’ll be highlighting some of the real stories of the men and women on who the movie account is based.

shadowed-bloggerbuttonDon’t forget to enter my cameras past and present contest. In addition to receiving one of the cool new Polaroids, you’ll also receive the camera that Rachel Justice uses in the book. Oh, and tickets to the movie. And in case, you’ve somehow missed it, here’s a movie trailer.

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