Fiction Friday historicals and a giveaway!

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It’s Fiction Friday and today that means I’m looking at two historicals that just released and I really enjoyed. Also, if you read to the end I’m giving away a copy of Jaime Jo Wright’s The House on Foster Hill. I enjoyed this book so much that I endorsed it and now I want to share a copy with one …

Fiction Friday: Canteen Dreams is Free

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Every book baby is exciting for an author but there’s something special about that first one. The one that first made it’s way into the world and proved I had a story worth telling. And it’s appropriate I’m telling you about my first on Veteran’s Day. Canteen Dreams was my first. It one the Carol Award for Short Historical, which …

Fiction Friday: Vanishing Point & Blind Spot

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Yesterday I turned in Delayed Justice, the third book in the Hidden Justice series, at about two in the morning. Technically, it was still deadline day…sort of. Writing is one of those love/hate relationships. I like how Jaime’s story turned out, yet at the same time, I’m sure there will be plenty to fix in edits. The good news is that the bones are there and the spiritual thread works…I think. This is why I have editors…to let me know what really works.

Fiction Friday & Giveaway

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It’s Fiction Friday and my book is due on Wednesday, so today I wanted to share a quick three books I’ve read and enjoyed recently. Also at the end you’ll find a giveaway for Beyond Justice, just in case you haven’t read it yet. Also, if you haven’t read the prequeal, Dying for Love, all you have to do is …

Fiction Friday: Rule of Law & Crown of Souls

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I’ve been so busy writing, I haven’t written a lot of posts about the books I’ve been reading. Today’s your lucky day because these are two really great suspense novels. And if you continue to the end, I’m giving away one copy of Randy’s Rule of Law. Love #suspense? @cara_putman #givingaway Rule of Law, one of best reads this fall along …