Tools to Help Kids with Faith

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As a homeschooling Mom, I’m always looking for tools that will help me transmit faith to my children. I don’t want them to be Christians because I’m a Christian, but to have a faith that is their own. That means helping them question and explore and giving them the tools to see the evidence for God. One of the tools that I’ve liked because of its targeted nature for upper elementary kids is the God’s Crime Scene series. I also like Understanding the Time for high school students.

Homeschooling Curriculum Choices

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I’ve spent the last week evaluating where my kids are and which curriculum will work best for them. Let’s be real. It can be daunting. Overwhelming. Make you want to suck your thumb in a corner. And I don’t attend curriculum fairs for this very reason. It’s simply too much. So how do I reach a decision that I pray will work for each child this year? I answer the following questions:

4 Books that Bring History to Life + bonus selections

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From time to time as a homeschooling mom, I feel the need to mix things up a bit. If all we are doing is reading through textbooks, then the education my kids get here with me is no different than it would be in a traditional school. One of the things my kids and I have done this year is reading …

2 Children’s Bibles our Kids Love

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Teaching faith to our children is a daunting task. My primary role as my children’s mother is to help guide them to a personal relationship with Christ. If I’ve discipled others, but neglected my children, then ultimately I have failed. To that end, I am always looking for resources that engage my children, while helping them find a personal relationship.

Three Children’s Christmas Books I Love

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I know Thanksgiving is coming quickly, but I’m thinking about the Christmas books I want to read to my kids this year. It’s always fun trying to decide which ones we’ll enjoy together as a family. Here are a few of our favorites, and I want to know which ones you love, too. Christmas books…@cara_putman shares 3 of her favorites. …

Creating Kids who are Readers

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But as I unpack yet another box of books, give away a second, and see the four large boxes of children’s books that desperately need a bookshelf home, I know and am so grateful that each of my kids delights in reading the written word. That is a gift no one can ever take away from them.