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An Irishwomans’ Tale


Patti Lacy

I had the pleasure of reading this book earlier this year before it’s release. Patti is a talented writer who has taken on a gritty book. The story is about one woman’s search for who she is. She has kept people at arm’s length her entire life, until Sally, a plucky Southern transplant, invades her life. Mary tries to resist, but finds herself sharing her story with Sally.

Mary grew up in Ireland in the 1950s before being sent to the United States against her will. Her story is pulled out of her piece by piece by Sally. And it’s a story that twists and turns through the grit of life. A past that isn’t perfect. A past filled with pain. A past Mary can’t escape.

While classified as general fiction on the cover, I think it falls firmly in women’s fiction. While that’s not a genre I naturally gravitate towards Patti’s characters and writings kept me reading. In the depths of the story I wondered how healing and forgiveness could come. And when it looked like it had arrived, the book took another turn. It was a page-turner in a women’s fiction kind of way.

Most of all, it’s a story of redeeming love — and that’s a feature that’s often missing in books.

Leave a comment and I’ll select a winner for a copy of this book. If we have more than 15 comments, I’ll pick two winners.


Patti Lacy graduated from Baylor University in 1977 with a B.S. in education. She taught at Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois, until she retired in 2006 to pursue writing full time. She has two grown children with her husband, Alan, and lives in Illinois.


Far away from her Irish home, Mary Freeman begins to adapt to life in Midwest America, but family turmoil and her own haunting memories threaten to ruin her future.

A shattered cup. Cheap tea. Bitter voices asking what’s to be done with the “little eejit.” Mary, an impetuous Irishwoman, won’t face the haunting memories–until her daughter’s crisis propels her back to County Clare. There, in a rocky cliffside home, Mary learns from former neighbors why God tore her from Ireland forty-five years earlier. As she begins to glimpse His sovereign plan, Mary is finally able to bury a dysfunctional past and begin to heal. Irish folk songs and sayings add color to the narrative.

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If you would like to read the first chapter of , go HERE

Comments 65

  1. Sounds very intersting and a great read. Thanks for the trailer and link to the first chapter.

    Thanks for the giveaway too!

    HunnyV “at” Optonline “dot” net

  2. I’m always looking for more great books to add to my must read pile and this one looks great! I would love to be entered if I’m eligible (I’m from Canada), thank you!

  3. I admit the book trailer has me interested now. I wanna see why Mary was sent off from home and how she reconciles her past to her present. Thank you!

    Lexie.cenni (@)

  4. Being as Ireland is my favorite place on earth (I’ve been 3 times) and my daughter’s middle name is Clare (for the county) this immediately caught my eye. If I don’t win I will rush out to buy it.


  5. Hello, I have been reading good things about this book! I think books that have a storyline that revolves around women and their relationships are quite interesting. Please enter me in your drawing.
    Thanks, Cindi

  6. Wow, we have an Irish lover or fifty here! Wish I could charter a ship and talk all of ye to the lovely coast o’ Ireland to see Mary’s beautiful cliffs.

    Thank you for your interest in my debut novel. These sweet comments greeted me after a looooong Amtrak ride to visit my mom.
    Hugs to all of you.

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