This Christmas I Give You Grace

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This Christmas, I extend to you the grace to let go of the one thing that is overwhelming you. Why? Because I was talking to my friend Nicole O’Dell on her radio show, and this theme came up for both of us.

Can you think of a Christmas where you have felt as harried? Where life has felt like a grind that just won’t let up? When if you have to do one more thing, you just might curl up in a corner and cry?

I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I want for Christmas. This do-it-all Mom is calling a truce on living up to the expectations of past years or my own mind.

But that means choosing to back away from expectations. The expectations we place on ourselves or accept from others.

For me, this meant deciding I couldn’t make the seven different kinds of cookies I usually do. It was a stress instead of a joy. I love gifting my neighbors with treats, but this year I adjusted what those treats would look like. This year they’re getting homemade Chex Mix. Equally yummy but not as stress inducing for me.

What would you let go of if you could? Over on Facebook a host of things came up. Christmas cards. Gifts. A program. A project. So many things that way us down and pull our focus from the reason for the season.

So this year I give you permission to do just that. Let go of one thing that weighs you down. Reclaim the joy of Christmas. Remember why we celebrate!

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