An Unexpected Adventure

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einstein low res

Einstein and Me

Life is an adventure.

We can probably all agree on that.

Sometimes it takes some unexpected twists and turns. I just got back from one of those. It was a good twist, but one I never expected to find myself taking.

I spent all of last week in Brazil. When you ask me where I want to travel, what I what to see, what I hope to experience, Brazil never hit the list. In fact, traveling south of the border doesn’t really hit my bucket list.

But through the weekend MBA program at Purdue, I found myself on an 8 day adventure in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The rest of this post is over at Inspired by Life & Fiction. I hope you’ll join me there

How has God taken you on adventures you didn’t anticipate?


The view from Sugar Loaf


Slums near Sao Paulo

op center 2

Rio Operations Center

rio collae

Collage of Rio sites from one day sightseeing tours


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