2017 Word: How do you find yours?

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The calendar has flipped to a new month and year. Ready or not, we are embarking on the new year, a chapter in the book of our lives. I’m trying to be intentional about how I embark on this new year. One way I do that is by asking God if there is a theme He wants to work on in my life. Over the years, that theme has varied. Brave. Hope. Believe. The list of words goes on.

This year I think He’s asking me to take on a new theme: Release.

Release is such an interesting word.

It brings with it the idea that there is something that needs to be release, let go of, allowed to move. I’m not 100% sure where God is going to take this, but I am looking forward to seeing what He wants to do.

So how do you know if a word is something God wants to do with you? How do you find the word if it is? And how do you allow it to direct your year?

  1. A word is a theme or a rallying point for the year. Ask God if He has an area He wants to tackle in your life. Is there some focal point He wants to direct your year? It may not make sense initially, but as you look back, you may be surprised at how that word prepared you for the rest of the year.
  2. Think about the last few years. What has God been doing in your life? Are you sensing a theme? A progression of development? Has He asked you to do something you haven’t been willing to do? Tackle an area of your life you’ve avoided? Is there consistency? That may be your theme.
  3. Look to the future. Are there events or changes on the horizon that you can anticipate? Do those point to a theme or area of development God wants to work in your life? Is there a common thread that suggests a direction?
  4. Evaluate words that have meaning to you or scare the pants off you. The year God gave me BRAVE it scared me. I already thought I was pretty good about stepping out into the unknown and following Him. But that year He was asking me to step way outside my comfort zone in a couple areas. He wanted me to think about what it meant to truly be brave. To follow Him where ever He led. To develop an attitude of Bravery. Even the worship songs that spoke to me had that theme. It became a rallying viewpoint to evaluate my life through.
  5. Consider where you want to change. If you’re sensing a rallying cry to change, that could very well be Holy Spirit inspired. He won’t often thrust into a new stream without giving us indications it’s coming. Your word could be one of those cues.

If you have words, how do you identify them?

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  1. Cara, thank you for this article. I’ve been considering doing One Word for the first time this year, but I wasn’t really sure how to begin. I’ve got a couple of words I’m thinking and praying about. Since I’ve never done this before, I am not really sure how to use that word as a “viewpoint to evaluate my life through,” as you mentioned. Any tips for gaining that focus?

    I’m excited about this new adventure with God. He’s up to something brilliant and amazing, I just know it.


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  2. Hi Cara! I am currently praying over and preparing myself for my One Word and I looked to Margaret Feinberg and also found your blog… I think I found it!! The word is RESTORATION… that was your word a few years ago (I think!). I am really excited because I feel God has been ushering us into this season of RESTORATION since a week before Christmas… and he’s doing it in many ways…the one unexpected way was through generous gifts and some gifts of money.

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      Sudea, I love that! Restoration has so much richness to it! Praying that God will reveal His heart for you and your family through that word!


  3. Cara, thank you for this article. Since 2013, I had been taking care of my husband who ended up with four diseases. He passed away a little over a year ago. Because I wanted to be his primary caregiver, it restricted me ftom doing much of anything else.

    I’ve been in depression since my husband went Home to be with the Lord and I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. However, I don’t want to stay like this. I’m ready to do something for the Lord and I’m asking Him to give me a word for this year to help me get my life back on track. I’ve never done this before so I’m excited to see how God speaks to me.

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