3 Ways to Live Beyond Ourselves

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This week a friend of my husband’s from college lost a valiant battle with breast cancer. She fought the disease as hard as anyone could. As I’ve read people’s tributes to her, I’ve been reminded of a couple ways she impacted me and in turn has challenged me to live a life more focused on those God has placed in my circle of influence.

1) Stephanie reminded me of the importance of listening to the Holy Spirit. There was a time many years ago when she contacted Eric to ask if everything was all right. He said it was, and she told him God had awoken her to pray for us. As we discussed it later, we realized that at that time a battle was on behind the scenes that could have dramatically changed our lives. I’ll never know for sure this side of eternity whether her prayers were pivotal in the battle, but I believe they were and I’m grateful for them. It also creates a desire in me to be sensitive to those times that the Holy Spirit asks me to drop what I’m doing and focus on prayer.

2) About 18 months ago, in the midst of one of her health battles, I received a small package in the mail from Stephanie. She had noticed this pin (see photo) on one of my pinterest boards and gone on Etsy to find something similar for me. She saw me. She saw a desire I had for something that seemed kind of silly. But every time I wear that necklace, I am reminded to see people. To ask if there’s a way I can bless them and let them know they are seen.

3) This woman fought the battle for years and was very intentional about making memories with her children. They went on several last vacations. Those times will be the ones that her husband and kids can laugh and cry over in the hard days to come. She didn’t just fade into the background, she intentionally sought ways to flood her children with precious memories. I can do the same. Am I willing to give up some of my agenda and focus to breath life into my children and their dreams? To ¬†bless them with memories that will encourage and build them up?

When the day comes and I graduate to heaven, I, too, want to leave a legacy of kindness, faith and family.

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  1. Wonderful observations. I want to end well. That is what you’ve observed and described. I love the necklace. Very unique. I can see why you and she were drawn to it. And it will uniquely remind you of her and of being more aware of those around you. Wonderful legacy. May God comfort you in every remembrance of her.

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