God so Loved Me!

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For God so Loved MeOver at the GROVE, my writer sisters Beth Vogt and Katherine Reay are sharing their hearts about what it was like to discover that God love them. Kristy Cambron and Katie Ganshert shared their stories too.

Isn’t there such power in that thought…

God so loved me…

He reached down across eternity for you…for me.

He knew before He created the first man, the first woman, that sin would follow. That separation would come. That a way of redemption would be necessary. He knew that the price would be His son and He did it anyway.

He did it anyway.

He sent Him anyway.

As a mother of four, I can’t hardly imagine. Well, actually, I can imagine. The pain of sending a child into the breach. Into the void. Knowing what was to come. The pain He would suffer. The separation They would experience from each other. The joy of being reunited.

He did all that because He so loved…me…and you.

How did you discover this truth? Or are you still on the journey of exploration? I’d love to hear more of your story.

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