When the Messiness of Life Collides with Peace

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Yesterday I posted this on the Grove. This. This is where I am right now. This is the realness of my life. Can anyone relate?

This is a place we can be honest about where we’re really living, right?

My life is messy.

I like boxes…everything with a place that it fits. Things neat, clean, and organized. (Yes, that is my husband you hear guffawing in the background).

My reality is anything but a life lived in neat, individualized blocks of time.

As I write this to go live in mere hours, I’ve had a day that left me with 15 minute blocks of time at home. Yes, FIFTEEN MINUTES. It was Nuts. Insane. Chaotic.

This is the reality of where I live. Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.13.12 PM

My house is no Leave it to Beaver paragon of perfection. I live on the edge of a chaotic mess. I watch scenes from Mom’s Night Out and cry. Every. Stinking. Time. Because I relate.

My life more often feels like a mess than a masterpiece.

(I did say this was a place to be real, right?)

But in that mess, I realize the only source of peace in my life is Christ. His is the perfect peace that passes all understanding. All understanding. That’s good. Because right now it feels like little is following the plan I envisioned-even the six month plan. Life is good…but it’s chaotic.

So my house hasn’t sold yet? God’s peace says He has a plan.

So I haven’t moved into the new house and I’m bringing more back to our current house than I’m taking to the new house? God isn’t surprised.when peace like a river

So I don’t fully know where I’m headed career wise? Will I teach full time? Will I write another book for a publisher? Peace says that God’s plan for my life has been more beautiful than I could imagine, so I will trust Him with my future. Every single time anxiety rears up, I will look at His faithfulness and believe it will continue.

So I feel poured out and empty? Then I will turn to Scripture. I will remind myself that God cherishes me. I will turn on the worship, and I will turn my attention from me to my Father. And in that place…in that moment, I will embrace the peace He offers.

So I’m a mess? God’s not surprised. He loves me anyway. And I can trust that peace can undergird my life just like the hymn says regardless of my circumstances.

What’s your secret to discovering peace in the messiness of life? (below is the YouTube to one of my current, favorite worship songs).  Today, embrace peace!


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