Packing Light with God

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We moved Saturday. The chaos is OVERWHELMING. Utterly, completely, creativity-killing overwhelming. Because we only moved a mile, this has been the long move. Literally, we’ve been moving things off and on for months. But Saturday, with the help of AMAZING friends, we moved the furniture. It’s kind of mind-boggling how much stuff 6 people have. chaos 1

I thought we’d done a great job of purging and donating while we were packing. Then Saturday night arrived. The reality of getting everything to fit into the new spaces.

I almost started hyperventilating. Has anyone else ever had a moment like that?IMG_5438

The moment where all your preparations fall woefully short of the reality of life.

My mantra to everyone has been, we aren’t done purging. Everything you take out of a box or put on a hanger, make sure you need and want it. Otherwise, it’s leaving.


As I thought about that, I wondered: Is this what my heart looks like when God looks at me?

I think I’ve done the hard work of clearing out the things and sins that don’t please Him. But in reality, does He look inside my heart and wonder when I’m going to let go of that sin that entangles me? Does He wonder when I’m going to find my worth and satisfaction in Him alone?

IMG_5437So today, as I’m unpacking boxes, I’m asking myself what do I need to unpack in my life. More of His love, patience, self-control? How about a dash of peace and a swig of kindness?

I’m also asking what items need to be shoved in a box for recycling or simply thrown away. Maybe some self-pity and woe is me? How about tossing the entitlement attitude that believes life should be simple and handed to me?

What would you like to add to your life? And what do you think needs to take a hike?



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