A Perfect Love is Possible

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and everywhere I turn this last week, God has been teaching me anew about His love and where mine falls short. This song is one that is cycling through my heart. It’s lyrics are a beautiful reminder of God’s love. If I compare it to people around me, I don’t even see a shadow of God’s great love. Listen for a minute, especially to the bridge, then pop on back.

My prayer right now is that God would break my heart until it learns how to truly love. My husband needs that. My kids need that. The world around me needs that.

I was reading a book this week with a take on I Corinthians 13 that broke me. God’s love is perfect where mine is so messed up. I want to love like God, but fail. His love is pure where mine is selfish. Makes me grateful for fresh grace each morning. My prayer is that God would reveal His love for you in fresh ways today, this week, this month, and this year.


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