Anticipating Changes in the Atmosphere

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Do you ever get that sense that God is moving? That He is doing something that we might only have a foreshadowing of?

On Saturday, my husband, older two kids, and I got to participate in the Outcry Tour. A tour of worship bands leading more than 12,000 into hours of worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This was happening at the same time as The Call Azusa and United Cry in Washington, D.C. Then on July 16, there will be another concerted day of prayer and worship at the DC Mall: Together 2016.


God is moving.

He is.

Sometimes we don’t always see it or sense it.

But He is moving.

The church is active — each light in this photo represents someone who has had the church collective walk through hard times with them.

We need each other.

But we have to step outside our comfortable positions and be willing to go where the hurt is. We have to be willing to #bethechurch.

If we want to see our country changed, the change has to start with us. Revival always starts in our hearts.

What is my heart’s truest call for?

What do I long for as a deer longs for water?

Is it truly Christ? Or do I say that because I’m supposed to say that because I was raised in the church and I’ve served Him all of my days?

Why do I walk into an event like last night and am completely wasted from the first note of music yet miss that at my local church? It’s not my church. It’s me. Last night I went emptied and ready to be filled. I was sick. I was exhausted. And I was DESPERATE for God. I have a book to finish this week. And it’s something that if God isn’t in it, I don’t want to waste my time on it. So I showed up desperate for His presence. Desperate for His touch.

TIMG_7908here are certainly times I show up that way at my church. But that same sense of expectation isn’t always there. I show up because it’s expected. I want to be moved, but only to the point that my discomfort is generally effected, but not truly requiring change.

We want to be encouraged, not challenged.

We want to be stroked, not reprimanded.

We want to leave feeling good about ourselves rather than the conviction of the Holy Spirit that requires change.

But God wants me.

He wants you.

He longs for a deeply personal relationship with each of us.

That is the mystery and wonder of our God.

Last night as I posted photos on Facebook, I was saddened by a couple posts that highlighted just how distant some people are from God. These posts demonstrated how a faith that is real and vibrant and dynamic can be seen as zombie worshippers.

I wanted to take these young men and plop them in the middle of the auditorium so they could experience God and His presence.

He is real.

His actions are so very unbelievable in so many ways. But they are His.

We can all talk about how we are so concerned for our country. But what are we willing to do? Are we willing to let the revival start with each of us? That’s the key question.

If you missed TheCall Azusa, you can watch the video here. The Outcry Tour is short, but just beginning. You can see tour dates here. And you can learn about the July event in Washington, D.C. here.

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