Bible Reading Plan Update

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In January I shared a Bible Reading plan that I’m using this year. You can read that post here. As often happens, the best laid plans fall apart thanks to life.

I did really well with the plan through January…and then February happened. I’m not sure what about this month threw a terrible hiccup in my reading plan, but it did. Ever been there? There are so many checks that haven’t been marked that you’re almost too discouraged to bother moving forward? I was definitely there.

Then I decided to dig in and try to catch up. Maybe February would look different than January, but I gave myself the freedom to say that was okay. You see most Monday – Friday mornings, I’m doing a devo, reading a chapter, and going over Old Testament history with my kids as part of school. This reading plan is in addition to that. So I prayed about a way to get caught up, so I could move forward the rest of the year without discouragement.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.52.12 PMHere’s what I found and am really enjoying. I’ve had the BibleGateway app on my phone for years, but I’ve often defaulted to Glo Bible when I’m reading. I love, so I thought I’d check for an audio Bible that I could listen to as I caught up. BibleGateway app to the rescue. It has an audio Bible where you can choose from several versions, and dependent on the version a couple different readers. This has been a fantastic way to catch up.

I’ll admit I was concerned that I’d listen without hearing. Yet I’m still having heart stopping revelations as I’ve listened to Matthew and Exodus. Once I’m caught up, I plan to go back to reading, but if you need a new way to do your time in the Word, try the BibleGateway app or another audio Bible. It might be exactly what you need.

How do you spend time in the Bible?

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