Collision of Logic & Imagination

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IMG_0018Yesterday I read an article in the Washington Post about parents pushing their kids away from liberal arts degrees. As someone who has an undergrad major and minor in liberal arts, I loved college. As a parent I can understand the desire to invest in an education that will lead to meaningful, well-paid jobs.

As a writer, I understand the importance of an imagination that an soar to places and situations I’ve never experienced.

But as a Christian, I know the power of a dream. The what if that shakes my world because it is so big it can only happen when God invades. The reality that I need to dare to dream dreams so big that I shake in my boots because I know it is impossible for me to actually accomplish it alone. That I need God to absolutely intervene. That without Him, it is impossible. But with Him? With Him anything is possible.

The reality is that a life lived in the space that I can control and direct is a life too small. One that doesn’t challenge or spur me forward. It’s one of existence but not transformation. Of comfort but not of change. Of seeing life but not experiencing it.

I want to suck the very marrow from this life I’ve been placed here to live. I want to know I’ve walked in the destiny of a story that God alone could write. And if that leaves me shaking in my boots, it means I may have actually found my story.

I want to live beyond a logic-driven, left-brain existence, and dive into the land of what-ifs where God resides.

PS if this resonates with you, I highly recommend Mark Batterson’s If.

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