Grace to Finish the Task

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When I decided grace was my word for the year, I didn’t know what that would mean. Over the last week, I’ve been praying about it and asking God to give me insight on what He’s trying to teach me.

Part of me feels extremely guilty. It seems like the word should involve an in-depth study, stacks of books, a concordance, maybe a couple Greek and Hebrew lexicons. But so far this year, I’ve found a couple books and look at the covers before I go to bed. That’s the extent of energy I have. Teaching, homeschooling, taking classes, writing, and mothering have about sucked me dry.

But then I’ve felt God whispering into my heart that He is still well pleased. Just typing those words brings tears to my eyes. Well pleased? When I’m not spending hours diving into Him? I long to…at least I think I do, but finding the way has been impossible.

You see that photo is a very partial list of the things on my plate.

Then last night at one a.m. He dropped an idea for a new book into my head. One I’ve been praying about and for. His timing made me smile. This weekend I’ll wrap up line edits on the second book releasing this fall and then I have no idea what’s next. And in His grace, He waited until I was almost done, to release this next idea. Oh, it needs lots of massaging, but at least now I have one! And that is cause to celebrate.

So what am I learning about developing the GRACE to finish the task?¬†Pray about everything I’ve got on my plate. Ask Him for wisdom and insight. For favor. And for the sun to stand still when it seems impossible to get it all completed.

1) Remember ultimately who you are working for. There are times believe it or not where I develop a bad attitude about a project or colleague. In those times He has reminded me that I am ultimately working for Him. He’s the One I have to please, so I am to work as unto Him.

2) Organize the tasks. If that means I have to write a task on the to-do list only so I can scratch it off, then do it! If that’s what it takes to feel momentum, then take it.

3) Integrate smaller tasks with the bigger tasks. But move. One bite at a time, one task at a time, one moment at a time.

How do you find grace to finish the tasks before you?

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  1. I completely relate, Cara. I do a lot of listing tasks and checking them off. Some days it’s hard to figure out what to write on that list. There are just too many things. Some nights I lie awake feeling like a total failure or that there’s no way forward. But when morning comes, I get up and start again. Grace is a good word. Thank you for this encouraging post!

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      It’s a challenge! And I think that’s what I’m supposed to learn this year — the grace to do what I can and then let go until the next day. Appreciate you stopping by, Joan!

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