Grateful for Grace

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I’ve had one of those weeks where there is too much to do and not enough time. I’ve asked God to make the sun stand still…and He has. First by sending my sister-in-law to help a couple afternoons so I could pull away and edit. He’s also just really focused me on what is important. It doesn’t mean life isn’t intense. He’

s just helped me to see through the fog of panic, to what I can do when I rely on Him.

He’s also given me several moments of encouragement. One came yesterday with an article in Publisher’s Weekly religion online article focused on Shadowed by Grace. It went out in a e-newsletter yesterday and I quickly learned just how many people read that. My Facebook and email in-box filled quickly!


Then today I received two great reviews, one with a great idea to apply with your kids!

I pray this encourages you, too. In those seasons when there seems to be entirely too much on your plate, ask God for help. He has sent it in so many ways. I still have too much to do, but it’s manageable with His help. God is good!

How has He graced you in those moments you needed it most?

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