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I ran across this saying a few weeks ago, and it’s been pinging across my brain a lot. Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you don’t struggle with feelings if insecurity or inadequacy. Maybe you’re first reaction to requests for a conversation isn’t “what did I do wrong?”

Writing is a world that can invite comparison. Mothering invites comparison. Let’s be honest, breathing invites comparison!

But God does not.

T he only comparison He encourages is my life compared to the perfect, unattainable standard of Christ. Why would He make that the standard? Because in that moment, when I’m honest with myself, I have to acknowledge I will never reach that standard of perfection. It is impossible but for Christ and His work on the Christ. My life should be a journey of striving to become more Christ-like, even as I realize that will never happen.

One promise that I cling to is that Jesus will finish the work. That finishing likely won’t occur until heaven, but there is hope that I will become a good work. In His time, I will be completed.

But what to do until then?

It’s so tempting to get focused on what God is doing with and through other people. I see how He uses them, and my first inclination tends to be “Why not me?” Just being honest. Feel free to tell me I’m not the only one!

It takes effort to remember that He has a perfect plan for my life. A plan for me to be used as I come alongside the work He is currently doing in the world. But that work may require some preparation. Or I may not have seen all the preparation He’s already put someone else through.

I want to live a life that genuinely celebrates with others, without a hint of “why not me?” How about you? What strategies do you use to avoid that stinking thinking?



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  1. Awe, I agree comparing who’s work is better isn’t something to look at in the perspective of am I better than the other person am I succeeding farther than they are will I score higher? No, it’s awesome to love our God who loves His children and gives according to each His gifts for His purpose. We are not all the same and writing is not all the same either. I know someone’s work is not always going to be perfect and neither is any person going to be perfect. In writing I have seen so many great avenues of Voice and am learning nothing is set in stone but it also has some things highly regarded close to being set in stone I haven’t perfected and look to others to show me what is expected for publication and what is the correct way to work toward a sentence which is considered good. In a classroom test there are answers usually a student has to have which is considered the right way and the wrong way. sometimes the student can misunderstand the question or the answer is something they haven’t learn. Isn’t there times when comparing is good in the area of learning each ones uniqueness and finding new ways or learning another way of doing things? I love berries I love peaches and I love lemons each have their own distinct flavor and sometimes we put all the ingredients together and make a great cobbler. i think the bigger reason for not comparing is motive in the heart. I always want to build another up or help them to move up in their skills and I love to learn from others to develop my skills. I’m thankful for you and for others who take the time to explain. You are an amazing women who has worked hard, accomplished an amazing amount of things in your life and I believe will continue to. I

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  2. I struggled with this a lot when I was younger. I was uber-competitive, especially in academics. College took some air out of my inflated ego. Now, I have to make a conscious effort to not play the comparison game. It still happens!
    About the time my son was born, I had to lay my job on the altar. I’ve had to do the same with writing. God knows how my writing career will go just as He knows how my engineering career will go. Both require a whole lot of prayer and returning to the altar to remind myself they belong to God as does everything else in my life.

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  3. Great and timely post. One thing I have been doing lately is asking God what He thinks of my writing. Between Bible study and rereading my work He reminds me that He has a unique plan for me because I am valuable to His kingdom. We are a body of Christ, one with many parts and functions. The eye can never speak words of encouragement but it can see the wonders of God. It can work with the other parts of the body to communicate His love. Sorry for the sermon. It is a fresh lesson from my studies this morning. 🙂 I am still in awe and wonder.

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  4. I appreciate your thoughts. Especially as women, we need to be standing beside each other with encouragement and support, helping each other be as strong and competent as we each can be, rather than buying into the comparison frame of mind…….as we find our own niche in this world we can also help others as they are having the same struggle. Sometimes a word of support as you see someone using their gifts in a positive way can do wonders for their soul. I know how thankful I am for someone else’s insight into how God is using me in each moment.

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