Releasing: A look at my word of the year

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This year has been an interesting year, one that has taken twists and turns I did not anticipate when the year started. When I first got my word of the year in late December, I’ll admit I had not idea what it meant or why it was my word. In fact it struck me as an incredibly strange choice.

Now I’m practically begging God for a new word.

  • He knew at the beginning of the year that a month later we would be asked for my husband to consider taking a staff pastor role at our church. Say what?
  • He knew that in late March early April we would be considering enrolling our 13 year-old full time in one of the local high schools for an early college program. Say what?
  • He knew that our 16 year-old would have the opportunity to fulfill a dream several years in the making and participate a six-week immersion program in France with essentially no communication back home. Say what?
  • He knew this would be the year I got rights back to some of my early books and embarked on the steep learning curve to republish them on my own. Say what?
  • He knew I would write a lot of books and lose my writing partner for some of them. Much sadness and say what?

Are you sensing a pattern? Each of these required me to release control. Some times I have done it better than others. Just ask my husband. Our world has rocked with a series of good things, but I’ll be honest. It has been an extremely painful process in other ways. Each has been an opportunity for me to push into Christ or try to manage it on my own. This is so much chaos, I can’t manage it.

So I have to release. When I don’t, the pressure is immense.

Jesus is slowly (and quickly) reminding me that He sees all of this, and He saw it coming long before I did. He is faithful, but I get to choose my response. Do I release my hold? Or do I clutch tightly to what I want, risking an ulcer in the process? It’s my choice, even when it doesn’t feel like a choice.

So here’s where I am nine months into the year. What has God shown you through your word?

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  1. Cara, you’ve had a very busy year! Thanks for sharing how your word has impacted your life this year and what amazing opportunities God has planted in your path.

    I’m planning on posting about my word on my blog soon (possibly this coming Monday), to do an update similar to what you did here on yours. Funny how great minds think alike, isn’t it? Here’s a part of what I’ll be sharing on my blog,

    My word is “see.” One of the things that God whispered to me pretty early on was, “See what I’m already doing in your life.” Okay. So I thought I was appreciating them as they came along, but sometimes life sweeps us along too fast if we aren’t being deliberate about it. God has done some pretty amazing things in my life this year. Here are just a few:

    * He further increased my writing ability and passion for telling stories.
    * He provided a couple of new clients for my editing business.
    * He gave me a lighter summer tutoring schedule so I could catch up on rest.
    * He gifted me the opportunity to vacation with a friend who appreciated my help unpacking her books (she had recently moved into a new home).
    * He has shown me that He’s been infusing me with contentment through my word this year.

    I’m sorry your writing partner was no longer able to write with you. It must be a real blessing to be able to brainstorm and write with someone. I’m so glad you’ve had that experience, and I wish you both the best as you now explore what’s next in God’s plan for you.

    Are you looking for a new writing partner to team up with? Or are you now going solo?


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