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In Sunday School yesterday we talked about the need to plug in and stay plugged in at the place you are getting connected to the Spirit. It’s got me thinking. Sometimes I think we get antsy in one place, because God wants us to move on. We get so comfortable that we are reluctant to move when God says it’s time.

Yet at the same time, sometime I wonder if we get antsy because we’re bored. Can anyone relate?

I kind of sense some of that in my life right now. Don’t get me wrong, there is so much good stuff happening. But I’ve got this urge for more.

The challenge is does that urge come from God, or does it come from the four year tick He seems to have created me with? I want to do more for Him. Desperately. Yet I don’t want to miss the opportunity and responsibility to be faithful with what He has placed in front of me to do. Right now. This moment. Anyone else ever feel that way? Ever pray for Him to expand your borders and then get so caught up in looking beyond the borders He’s already given you, that you miss part of what you’re supposed to be doing right now?

Like I said, it got me thinking. I’d love any wisdom y’all have to share!

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  1. I can so relate! I often have to pray hard to determine which notions are stirrings from the Holy Spirit and which ones are a result of my “squirreliness.”

    By the way, I’ve finished my post for Stars in the Night. I do hope that part of the something more that God has for you is another book. I enjoyed it so much!

  2. I too can relate. Unsure where He wants me to go next, so I must just have to wait and pray right? That waiting can be hard, but I know it is all for His best for my life. I wrote a blog post on that today…

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