What a Mama Duck Reminded me of

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The other day the kids and I were driving along and saw the above sight. It was absolutely priceless and felt like we had stepped into the book Make Way for Ducklings. When we first arrived the mother was in the road at the side with her 12 or 13 ducklings next to her. Cars slowed for her, but went around her, and it was clear she was frantic. Then we stopped as did the other cars. She started waddling again, and then the man hopped out of his car to make sure no one tried to zip around who couldn’t see the mother or her ducklings. I wish I could have captured the little fluffs trying to hop up over the concrete edge into the grass. It was adorable.

I still don’t know where they were going.

There’s not a pond anywhere near there. Even with all the extra rain we’ve had in Indiana, it’s unclear what the mother was taking them towards.

Maybe you feel like that right now. A little frazzled as life zips past you. You sense danger, but you also know you have to get across.

Or maybe you’re the one racing from event to activity and God’s asking you to slow down to notice the frantic mother in front of you. It may only be a pause, but you’re moving so quickly you can’t sense the need.

I’ll admit I’m a little frazzled right now as I recover from an extensive rewrite that was due last Thursday (ack!), finishing another book that’s due May 24th, and plotting my next legal suspense. Then there are all the regular life activities and a summer class that will absorb all my time as I teach 25 undergrads starting the day that next book is due.

Today I want to encourage you. Just start and ask God to show you where. He’s got a plan, and I know He’ll get you across that road or help you pause to hear how He wants to use you today. So from one harried heart to another, I whisper peace.

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