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Today my blog has been hijacked by the cutie flying the plane in this photo. She decided I needed a quick vacation from writing a post. Gotta love her! Without further ado, here she is.

Thank you. I am glad you are here to read this. This week we visited family. I thought I’d share some photos with you.

I like family. Even when it means a long drive. And this did. I hope you enjoy the photos!

My big brother and I showing our Husker pride.

My cousins and I love driving the golf cart around the farm. Watch out for crazy drivers!

This was a very hot day. We had fun anyway.

Remember the hot day? This is a fun alley we found in the Haymarket in Lincoln.

I love crashing photos. That’s a dinosaur leg bone. Lots of bones at Morrill Hall at UNL.

This guy was crazy…almost as crazy as my cousins.

With my Grandma and Grandpa at the SAC Museum. They drove a long way to spend the day with us.

We also spent an afternoon with my Great-Grandma playing dominoes and eating Runza. I love her!


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