Things that make you go UGHHHH!

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Our cat has become quite adept at what cats do. As I write this he is munching on something or other that he caught. Don’t ask what, because I am SOOO not going to check. Eric cleaned up parts a couple days ago. Jonathan got a biology lesson. UGH! His first statement, “It was gross! But let me tell you all about it!”

I’m laughing as I gross out right now, because Midnight has strategically placed whatever it is he has nose length outside Jessie’s range. Jessie, our happy-go-lucky dog, is watching with rapt attention. Here’s the dialogue I imagine taking place right now.
J: whatcha got?
M: wouldn’t you like to know. (Smugly satisfied at earning his keep for another day.)
J: Come on! whatcha got?
M: if you don’t know, there’s nothing I can do to help you, moron. (Insert proper feline superiority)
J: tongue wagging, head cocked. Why you eating it?
M: It’s what cat’s do. catch kill eat. 
J: Hmm. I eat what my masters provide. No running, catching, or killing involved.
    (Cocks head again.) “Who’s the moron now?” (happy-go-lucky grin firmly in place)

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  1. we had a biology lesson a couple weeks ago. we found a tail that we think belonged to a mole and then we found all the organs. it was quite gross since it was in our sunroom where the kids keep all their toys!

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