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It’s spring, and that means many new books are coming out right now. I wanted to tell you about a couple today. One comes out at the beginning of May and the other released this week. There truly is something for every reader with these.

Threads of Suspicion was an enjoyable read for this lover of all books by Dee Henderson. This is not your traditional romantic suspense, because it is a continuation with return appearances from characters. This is a mystery with overlapping cold cases, that come together in a myriad of twists and turns. There are a couple developing romances, but neither comes to a full resolution. While both seem frankly impossible, I want the couples to find happily ever afters together. My favorite part of Threads of Suspicion was watching two very different cold cases spiral into overlapping cases that led to further overlapping murders. I knew the author would weave her magic and I was not disappointed. In fact, I’m really curious to see what further cold cases are solved by the cast of characters. There’s a great team-dynamic developing. I will definitely watch for the next installment in this intriguing series.

Behind the Scenes is a fun frolic in Gilded Age New York City. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of Jen’s books that I’ve read, and this one continued in the same vein. Crazy heroines who don’t fit into the Gilded Age aristocracy and heroes who aren’t quite sure what to make of the heroines. Miss Permilia Griswold has been cast as a wallflower, only she’s one with a twist: she’s a society reporter for a large newspaper on the sly. While at the event of the season she overhears a murder plot and decides it’s her duty to stop the attack. The only problem is Asher Rutherford doesn’t believe her claims of a plot or that his life’s in danger. The book is filled with colorful characters, smart dialogue, and a couple twists. The romance is fairly direct, but very enjoyable. I’m already wondering who will serve as heroine in the next book. Behind the Scenes  is a very enjoyable, light romance for those who love the Gilded Age time-period.

And I had to show you this cover for Right Where We Belong, because I think it is adorable. I’m friends with these ladies and cannot wait to read this collection of novellas. These are some of my favorites and the great news for you is that it’s on sale for $2.99 in ebook formats right now. Go grab it while you can snag it at this price!

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