Fiction Friday Early: Ebook Extravaganza

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I’m thrilled to let you know that Imperfect Justice, my book that released at the beginning of December, is on ebook sale for $1.99. If you haven’t already nabbed this story of my heart, I hope you’ll grab a mug of tea or coffee and dive into Emilie and Reid’s story. This one is so special to me because it weaves an issue that is near to my heart into the fabric of the story.

Because many of you love books as much as I do, I also wanted to let you know that some of my favorite books from 2017 are on sale right now. Be sure to check the price before you buy, because I don’t always know how long the sale will last. Rule of Law ($2.99) was a top read for me. I loved The House on Foster Hill ($1.99) so much I endorsed it. And The Austen Escape ($1.99) is my next pleasure read.Be sure to double-check the price before you order, but I think you’ll love each of these.

Here are a few more you might want to check out (all $1.99 for the month of January):

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