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Today I’m sharing two books that couldn’t be more different. Be sure to read to the end, because I’m also doing a giveaway tied to the latest Guidepost series Tricia Goyer and I are writing on. The Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard is a fun series of cozy mysteries written by some of my favorite writing friends. So fun to be doing it with them.

Jane of Austen was my first book by Hillary Lodge, but it will not be my last. This is the story of three sisters and their journey from the Bay Area to Austin when they have to restart their lives again. One sister is running, the other is trying to keep up, and the third is still in high school. The story is also the story of two heroes: one truly heroic and the other almost an anti-hero.

Jane owns a tea shop with her sister Celia, and one day she’ll finish school. Right now keeping her sisters together is what matters, even if that requires a move across the country to Austin. Since her dad’s fall from grace, her life has been about creating a stable environment for her younger sister. Then they lose their lease; hence the move. Things don’t go very well, but they do find themselves surrounded by a small community of family and a couple friends. There are interconnections between the characters that touch all areas of their lives.

I’d tell you more, but no spoilers. Instead, Jane of Austen is a story perfect for readers who love a book that will pull them in with rich relationships. The recipes are almost with the cost of purchase alone. I cannot wait to try a few of them!

Every Deadly Kiss couldn’t be more different. This latest installation in the Patrick Bowers’ series steps back in time to fill in his career prior to the Chess series. It’s very good, yet also very intense. This is for readers who love books from authors like Lisa Gardner or Joel C. Rosenberg. I know. Those authors are very different. One has psychological twists and the other has terrorism twists. Every Deadly Kiss has both.

I enjoyed it because I really love the Bowers Files, and I enjoyed seeing a bit of his romance with Christie developing. Tess was priceless. Some of the action scenes bordered on brutal, so be forewarned. I enjoyed meeting so many characters that you come to love in later books a bit earlier in their careers. The twists and turns were perfect and kept me guessing. Now I need to reread the prior book that actually comes after this one — if I remember correctly. At some point I’ll have to read the entire series in order to study how everything builds from book to book and see how Bowers develops as a character over the series. As a reader, I’ll simply enjoy the series in sequence! If you love intense suspense, then you must try the Bowers Files.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s a favorite place, but usually the only time I find to read is in bed before I fall asleep =)
    My husband and I are headed to Hilton Head Island next weekend and I look forward to reading by the pool!

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