Fiction Friday: No Place to Hide

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Yesterday I was over at Inspired by Life & Fiction confessing that I am a book addict. (I started by typing was a book addict,” and then corrected it — I will always adore books!). So it is perfectly fitting that today I’m talking about Lynette Eason’s new book: No Place to Hide.

No Place to Hide is the third book in a series but stands very well on its own. In it two childhood friends get thrown together on the run for their lives as the nation believes they are terrorists. Through multiple points of view, the action ramps up, consistently cork-screwing tighter and tighter as Jackie and Ian try to find out who is behind the actual terrorist threat before they are captured … or killed.

The plot inNo Place to Hide is interesting and one that kept me coming back. If you like suspense that has romance playing a strong secondary role, then this is a book you will love. It’s a classic someone-saw-something-they-shouldn’t-have-and-now-bad-people-are-after-them-and-they’re-not-sure-why. The chase is intense, the fight scenes vivid but not overwhleming, and the why the bad guys are so close realistic. The bad guys aren’t hidden but some of the supporting folks stand in the shadows adding to the puzzle of how the book will unfold.

Characters from earlier books play low-key supporting roles, but it’s always fun to see them again if you’ve read the books. Lynette’s books are similar to Irene Hannon and Dee Henderson. They are perfect for readers who love a good mystery/suspense with strong romance threads. If this is your perfect book equation, then you should check out No Place to Hide.

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