Fiction Friday: Over Maya Dead Body & The Writing Desk

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It’s Fiction Friday, and I’m talking about three books, plus sharing book news and a giveaway. First up the books.

Ever looking for a book that will keep you guessing, and do so with a bit of humor? Over Maya Dead Body is just that kind of book…and I love that it wraps up the question of which romance Serena will choose. Serena’s latest mystery is told in the perfect first person voice. There’s humor, emotion, and just enough lack of self-awareness to keep her truly lovable as a heroine. She’s overwhelmed trying to solve a murder that is personal and the hits keep coming. Add in two hunky friends who both want to more and a gal who’s not sure she trusts herself to read either guy right, and it’s a sweet romance. This book has it all.  A great twisting mystery, building promise of romance, and sweet time with characters I’ve come to love in the series.

In just a few days, my friend Colleen Coble’s latest book Beneath Copper Falls releases; you can still nab it on pre-release sales. Beneath Copper Falls is a richly layered mystery with moments of suspense and great romantic interludes. I really enjoyed this trip back to Rock Harbor with new characters and old friends. Dana is determined to carve a new life away from an abusive boyfriend, and Boone just wants to be left alone. A murder and appearance of a nemesis throw the two together, but the questions and plot races ahead. It was great to be back with Bree, Kade, and their friends, but I loved the depth of the suspense and the hope of romance. Deep issues must be confronted before a future is possible, but those internal scars are the kind that are hard to erase.

Beneath Copper Falls  is perfect for those who love a tightly woven suspense that will keep you guessing just as the romance will keep you rooting for the past to be overcome so that a future can bloom.

The Writing Desk releases next week from my friend Rachel Hauck. Time is running out to preorder her latest slip-time novel. It’s one I think you will enjoy! I’ve just started reading it, so can’t say much more than that, but I’m intrigued from the first few chapters.

What are you reading right now? Anything you would recommend?

Book news:

My Nebraska and Ohio WWII collections are available online as anthologies and will soon be back in paper! I’m super excited about that. We’ve revamped the title for Ohio Brides. Personally I think Buckeye Promises better fits the series.  I’d like to add another series or two, but we’ll see how people like these first. Here are the new covers:

Finally, if you like audio books, be sure to check out the audio book contest running through July 10th. Have you seen this awesome giveaway from BookSweeps? You can win my book Canteen Dreams, plus books from authors like Susan May Warren and Elizabeeth Camden, and a Kindle Fire. This giveaway ends soon, so make sure you hurry and enter! Good luck! There are some great books to listen to!


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  1. I am just finishing up Her One and Only by Becky Wade. Looking forward to getting my hand on her next series!

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