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Some days I just like to read a book by an author who I know won’t disappoint. There might be some action. Maybe a little suspense. There will be relationships beyond the hero and heroine. And there’s going to be some great romance. Rescue Me is exactly that kind of book.

The second in one of Susan May Warren’s new series, Rescue Me takes us on a hike with Willow’s youth group. She simply wants to take the time to speak life into them, but she needs a little help. Deputy Sam Brooks comes along and the attraction between the two can’t go anywhere because he’s dating her sister. Oops!

This book follows the Rescue crew as part of them race to find the others who are lost and in immense danger. The tension is high as the stakes are immense. Yet there are moments that dig deep and took me to places I wanted to linger. Susan May Warren is a masterful author, and this book showcases her talents. Those who love a romance with lots of action but not necessarily suspense, will adore this book. Romance readers will love it as well.

Keep reading to the bottom for the summary. Before then you can enter the giveaway for a copy of Beyond Justice and a flashdrive. Also, I’d love your help in reaching 250 Want to Reads on Goodreads for Beyond Justice. When we reach that number, my publisher will unlock the first five chapters of Beyond Justice! Simply go here to click “Want to Read.”

Also, Beyond Justice is only on ebook preorder sale of $4.99 for one more week! Grab it now! I also noticed that the price on the paperback has dropped to $10.19! It’s a great time to pick up the book Christian Retailing called:

…a relatable and fascinating story…Remarkably akin to today’s news headlines…a legal thriller that is intricately written to keep readers on edge.

You can download the Lost Chapters of Beyond Justice by clicking here:

The Lost Chapters of Beyond Justice

And now for the giveaway:

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More about Rescue Me:

When Deputy Sam Brooks commits to something, nothing can sway him–not just on the job as liaison between the Mercy Falls sheriff’s department and PEAK Rescue, but in his private life. He’s the one who stuck around to take care of his mother after his father’s accidental death. And he’s the one–perhaps the only one–who believes Sierra Rose is the perfect girl for him. Safe, practical, and organized, she’s nothing like her hippie, impulsive, bleeding heart sister, Willow.

Willow, however, has been in love with Sam Brooks for as long as she can remember. But she wants her sister to have a happy ending. Besides, Willow has other things to focus on–namely, nabbing the job as youth pastor for her small-town church. Best thing for her to do is to purge Sam from her heart.

Neither can predict the events that will bring them together in a fight for their lives in the forbidding wilderness of Glacier National Park. Stranded, injured, and with the winter weather closing in, Sam and Willow will have to work together to save a crew of terrified teenagers. As they fight to survive, they might just discover a new hope for love.

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  1. Taking a little road trip tomorrow with my husband, I will be taking ‘To Win Her Favor’ by Tamera Alexander along for the ride if I don’t finish it tonight!

  2. I first need to plan a trip! But I take a book along every time I go to an appointment or take my daughter to dance. I have loads on my kindle I need to read. Currently I’m reading “A Fool and His Monet” by Sandra Orchard. It’s a different genre from my usual so I’m enjoying it.

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