The Bronte Plot: perfect weekend read

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There are certain authors who just have a way of telling a story that is soothing and lyrical while also pulling you so deeply into the story that you are completely embedded within the world. In The Bronte Plot from award-winning author Katherine Reay, Lucy Alling loves old books. But she almost loves them too much, because she creates stories for the books. She may be following in a family path, but that path could actually destroy the very life and love that she adores.

Then she is invited to go on a journey with Helen, a journey that will deposit her in the midst of London’s literary and antiques world — absolutely perfect for Lucy. But she’s taking the journey for reasons she can’t begin to understand. What she thinks is a simple trip to buy gifts with a client, turns into a voyage of discovery and change.

It would be easy to think The Bronte Plot  is way too fanciful. How could anybody stumble into Bronte Plotsuch great luck? Yet at the same time, the pieces all fit. What propels it is Lucy’s knowledge that she must change. She simply cannot remain as she is. It is no longer an option. Even if it means losing everything that is dear to her, she feels she must take the steps to break the patterns of the path.

This thread in The Bronte Plot is one many of us can absolutely relate to. Maybe it’s time to change our lives to change what we are doing. We’ve faced the truth about ourselves, and uncomfortable as it is we know we must face ourselves and take our lumps as we make the change. The Bronte Plot points the way to inner peace through reconciliation with each other and God — all because we are willing to change. All this happens while written in Katherine Reay’s beautiful, lyrical style.

I really enjoyed this book. And if you want to try one of hers, Lizzie & Jane is currently on ebook sale for $1.99. I LOVED that one – a story of two estranged sisters who come to terms while facing one sisters breast cancer battle. A beautiful and moving story.



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