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Today I get to bring you two new books from two of my go-to authors: Susan May Warren and Sandra Orchard. Trust me when I say you will love one, if not both, of these books and authors. And if you’ve never tried these talented writers, here’s your chance! Be sure to read to the end for a giveaway!

Starting in no particular order, Another Day Another Dali by Sandra Orchard. This book is a delightful first person romp through the cases of a art crimes FBI agent. Serena Jones has two men she’s not really interested in —  or is she? She also has a delightful Greek chorus of supporting characters from her sleuthy great-aunt, to her mother and father, and don’t forget her disapproving grandma who actually asks her to help solve what happened with a missing piece of Salvador Dali. There are two art cases and enough mysteries to keep Serena stumped and in trouble. Don’t forget a good amount of danger, and the slowly building possibility of romance with either Tanner, her FBI trainer, or Nate, the super for her apartment building. While this is the second in the series I highly recommend you avail yourself of this plucky, first person mystery. I really enjoy quirky Serena and her forays into the world of art crimes. The layers and red herrings are numerous enough to keep the most discerning mystery reader satisfied.

Now on to the amazing Susan May Warren’s latest release Wild Montana Skies. This is the first in a brand new series for her. Just take a moment to enjoy the cover and you have an idea of the role the hero plays. Ben King’s a small town Montana boy who went to Nashville and made a name for himself, except now his career may be falling apart. Kacey Fairing is home from a tour as a military helicopter pilot. A crash haunts her, and the last thing she wants is to pick up where she left off 13 years earlier with Ben. However they’re thrown together on a search and rescue team and have to confront the mistakes and misunderstandings of their past. Their story is the larger story with other characters introduced with subplots that will launch them into their own books. The masterful way the author made me care about all of the characters and threads is proof of why her books have won so many prestigious awards. If you’ve never tried her books, this is a great one to start with. If you have read Susie’s books before, then Wild Montana Skies is one you need to read today! It is perfect for romance readers and those who enjoy more meat to a story. Go forth and buy it.

Thanksgiving is a week away, and I’m feeling very grateful for the way God blessed this crazy dream of mine. Accordingly, I’m giving away a copy of the series that started it all: Cornhusker Dreams, the 3 WWII novels set in Nebraska. Entering is easy. Just use the form below.

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