Fiction Friday: Vanishing Point & Blind Spot

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Yesterday I turned in Delayed Justice, the third book in the Hidden Justice series, at about two in the morning. Technically, it was still deadline day…sort of. Writing is one of those love/hate relationships. I like how Jaime’s story turned out, yet at the same time, I’m sure there will be plenty to fix in edits. The good news is that the bones are there and the spiritual thread works…I think. This is why I have editors…to let me know what really works.

Today it’s fitting that I talk about two romantic suspense titles by two of my favorite authors. Dani Pettrey’s Blind Spot is the third book in her Chesapeake Valor series, and it’s a page turner. For readers who love following characters over a series, Blind Spot is a delight because you revisit lead characters from earlier books, while Declan and Tanner take a step into center stage. Theirs is a relationship that has been building with sparks flying in earlier books. Add in a mystery for earlier couples to solve and a terrorist plot that is barreling toward a conclusion and this is a book that romantic suspense readers will thoroughly enjoy. I personally love the way that Dani has set us up for the fourth book. It’s going to be a good one!

The next book is Vanishing Point by Lisa Harris. With this book the author takes an interesting approach to the mystery that’s driven the Nikki Boyd series. The book steps back in time to the underlying serial killer question and shows the original investigators wrestling with trying to find answers as young ladies are disappearing around the Nashville area.

Vanishing Point is filled with threads of romance, family challenges, and the race to save the young women before it’s too late. While Nikki Boyd is not the primary character, she has more than a small role and allowed me to see how she became the woman she was. I really enjoyed this book which took a retrospective look at the crime that got Nikki Boyd into law enforcement. A great read and a book I would recommend to lovers of romantic suspense. However, if you want your books in sequential order, this one might jar you. I loved it!

What are you reading right now? I’m starting Jenn Turano’s next book today.

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