Laughing When Life Doesn’t Cooperate

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I want all of my days to go beautifully and smoothly. I’d love for y’all to think that’s how I roll. But here’s the truth. thermostatLast week I did not have Wonder Woman days. Instead some were  hang on by your fingernails as sweat rolls down your face kind of days. Think I’m kidding about the sweat? Just look at the thermostat. That’s inside my house at 8:30 p.m. Yes, you read it correctly. It says 87 degrees. Seriously! And I can feel each solitary one of them as I sit here composing this post shortly after midnight — all because my spinning ball of death on my computer became a great excuse to play ten to many games of 1010.

Excuse, me while I step away for a moment.

You still here?

Oh good!

I just had to take a moment to delete that game from my phone. I may have a slightly addictive personality, but I also know how to wield a delete button.

Though if you ask my line editor, she might disagree. Fortunately though, she found 15,000 words to cut from my first legal suspense. Yep, 15K! Now the book is only slightly pudgy at 92,000 words, but each one belongs. At least I hope you think so when you read Beyond Justice.

Where on earth did all these numbers come from? I might have a MBA, but it doesn’t mean I’m a fan of numbers. Really!

Speaking of numbers, I live in a relatively small town in Indiana. It’s ten miles to get to Purdue where I teach. It’s 12 miles to get to church. It’s probably 5 or 6 to get to the law firm. Yesterday I crossed town approximately 5 times…Put about 75 miles on the car. In my small town. It’s sad just how many times that happens when I’m stuck behind every slow driver in a five state area.

So then I was going to take a photo of the sunset to enjoy the beauty God painted and this happened:


Y’all didn’t know when you popped over here, I’d write a comedy piece. Neither did I. I’ve been informed early and often by a certain brother (clears throat, JOSH!) that I was born without a funny bone. But somedays, I just have to find the silliness. It’s that or pull out all of my hair, and bald is not a good option for it. This I know with certainty!

So my prayer is today is that no matter how your yesterday didn’t cooperate with your plans, that today you would feel God’s warm embrace — or at least His shadow if the inside of your house is as hot as mine. And that maybe somewhere along the journey you’d take the time to giggle, snicker, or snort, because the joy of the Lord is our strength. And somedays I need that more than others.

Now where did my sweaty Wonder Woman bracelets roll off to? Anyone know?

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