Movie Premieres and Book Signings, oh my!

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Enjoying the Premiere with Abigail

I often talk about how writing is a hard career for an extrovert. So often my writing is done in front of a computer and I wait for electronic feedback from my agent, editors, friends, readers. It can feel solitary because the face to face contact usually comes once a year at ACFW.

This past weekend, my daughter and I changed that dynamic. We put over 600 miles on the car as we drove around Indiana supporting different author events.

with colleen crop

A treat to hang out with Colleen Coble, my mentor

The first event was bittersweet as we drove to Fort Wayne to attend the premiere of For Better or For Worse, a movie based on a novel of the same name written by my friend Diann Hunt. I loved the book and I loved Diann, so it was fun though bittersweet to attend.

with becky

Becky Philpott drove down from Michigan.

Having a book turned into a movie is most authors’ dream. I can think of several of my books that would make a great Hallmark movie! But Diann’s book was the perfect mix of humor and light-hearted romance to fit the Hallmark model. It was a delight to see how many turned out to honor Diann, who was watching from heaven. Her editor drove up from Nashville, Tennessee, and other friends drove from as far as Minnesota and the East Coast. Such love for a wonderful woman filled that sanctuary.

We drove home Sunday morning to attend church, then headed south to the Louisville area to attend a friend’s debut novel signing. (Yes, if you look at a map, that was a highly inefficient drive, but you do things like that for friends)

My friend Kristy Cambron‘s debut novel released earlier this month. (It’s wonderful in case you haven’t read it yet… Look for it: The Butterfly and the Violin). Writers often labor for years…yes, years…waiting for an editor to look at their novel and find a story that matches what they’re publishing.


Kristy Cambron signing her wonderful novel The Butterfly and the Violin.

Then that moment finally arrives when you get to hold that novel in your hand. Kristy wrote hers on her iPhone. I’m still not sure how she did that! But during the event she got to spend four hours signing books for people who have supported her throughout the long process. It was a wonderful mix of friends, family, co-workers, church family, and more. There were even a few of her writer buds like Sarah Ladd.

You might wonder if it matters to authors if you show up at their talks and booksignings. It does! Remember above where I talked about how solitary writing can be? There’s nothing like talking to a reader to recharge your writing batteries and get you ready to tackle a difficult plot point. It’s a wonderful way to encourage a writer who wonders if anyone reads and enjoys their work.  Even a quick email after you’ve read a book or a short review on Amazon or another site can be a huge boost.

sarah crop

With the phenomenal Regency author Sarah Ladd.

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