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In myat_rainbows_end Rainbow’s End novellas, Love’s Prize, I have the hero popping over to the heroine’s condo for many meals. The hero Colton Ryan, heroine Reagan Graham and her brother Scott spend the summer participating in a geo-caching competition. One thing Reagan doesn’t know about the hero is that Colton loves to cook. So he steals every opportunity he can to turn her condo into his culinary headquarters…after all cooking for one is no fun.

One of his favorite recipes is omelets. Who doesn’t love a good omelet when they’re going to spend the day hiking around the Ozarks. Here’s his recipe:

Throw in the Kitchen Sink Omelets

Start with a couple eggs and a tablespoon of water. Beat until well combined. Pour into a lightly greased skillet – he likes to use butter.

Top the eggs with grated cheese, sliced ham or turkey, chop up mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers and add to the mix. Basically look through your kitchen and pull out anything that’s edible and orphaned.

Flip with a flair that’s sure to impress the girl. Fold over and slide onto her plate. Save the jalapeños unless it’s just the boys….she might thank you with a kiss.

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