Regensburg: A German city in its Medieval Splendor

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As we’re back from Italy, it has brought back so many memories of our two months in Germany. As that country has experienced terrorist attacks in the last few weeks, I’ve been praying for this country that is dear to my heart. Here are some of the photos from that time…they only begin to capture the amazing beauty of an amazing country.

One town we visited while we were in Germany was Regensburg. Down in Bavaria, it is a medieval city that was largely left untouched by World War II. Some believe this is because the royal family in that town has connections with the British royal family. All I know is that this town along the Danube is beautiful with an amazing cathedral. We enjoyed our day there so much, that we returned toward the end of our trip rather than go somewhere else. (The friends we were seeing again had something to do with that!)

It was a rare place in Germany when you consider the absolute devastation so many cities and towns experienced. There wasn’t much for the Monuments Men to do with the cathedral because it was left in tact and beautiful in all its Gothic glory.

D all tuckered out
Susi’s “tiny home” — a wonderful place to stay
J and Eric enjoying the view
The kids in a church graveyard
Entrance to the Princess’ castle
Outside of the cathedral
Roses at the castle…

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