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Christmas Giveaway_2The Grove Girls are at it again!

It’s Christmas and that means a giveaway of some of our books as well as fun things! It’s super easy to join the fun. Just use the giveaway form below.

Here are the books and goodies we’re giving away:

These are some amazing books, folks! So come join the fun and spread the word! Merry Chrismtas!

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  1. Christmas – to me – means family, love, joy, peace, and most importantly, the birth of my Savior Jesus Christ – and eternal salvation!!!!

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  2. Without the birth of Christ, we don’t have the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It is the celebration of the life that ultimately saved mine.

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  3. Simply put, Christmas reminds me that Light entered darkness in the form of a baby boy, Jesus, the promised Savior of the World. God in an “earth suit”.

  4. Christmas to me is tradition. It’s celebrating Christ and his love. It’s a reminder to be kind and loving and forgiving to be more like him. Christmas is also a celebration of family and friends. A season where we can all get together even if it is just a simple text. Christmas is a time of love and kindness and forgiveness.

  5. For me, Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus. Reflecting on that through various seasonal traditions. it also means time with my family and also a sense of childlike enjoyment of life.

  6. Christmas means celebrating the birth of Christ. Seeking the Lord’s Face and going deeper in my relationship with Him.

    May your Christmas OVERFLOW with His Presence!

  7. I’m going to be completely honest: I’m not a Christmas person. When I was a child, I loved it. Christmas was happy music, cooking with mom, shopping for gifts, probably going caroling at least once, and celebrating Jesus. But as I’ve grown, I’ve lost that child-like wonder. Now Christmas is cranky people (I worked retail last year), buying gifts we don’t need, music that irritates me, (it’s played every day at work, over and over), and way too much commercialism. I would love to just go back to the basics, skip the gifts and shopping, and just enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Maybe decorate, but maybe not. Just focus on the real meaning, on growing my walk with the Lord, without all of the obnoxious noise breaking through. I can’t convince anyone to let me do that, though. Maybe I will, at some point. I want the wide-eyed wonder of what God did for me to be the focal point, not the gifts and decorations.

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      Oh, I hear you, Sarah. Christmas can so easily lose the meaning. Praying you have pauses of time where you see the true heart of Christmas this year!

    2. This really struck me in the heart, Sarah. Our budget has been tight the last couple of years and we decided to go without presents. I have to admit – it’s been wonderful! Our gifts have been time together – movies, cookie baking, going to Christmas events around town – and we’ve not had to brave long lines, shopping lists etc. It was a hidden blessing! I love when we’re reminded to focus on Him. Only Him, this time of year. (And pray we keep our eyes locked until December comes around again.) Blessings!

  8. Christmas is all about the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ and being with my beautiful and every growing family. I feel especially blessed to have my beautiful grandchildren and sons-in-law.

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  10. Christmas means family. I love the extra time spent with the people we love–tree decorating at every house, ornament parties, cookie baking, craft making, present shopping, gift wrapping, and lots of hot cocoa and Christmas movies.

  11. Christmas for me is a time of celebrating the birth of Christ and enjoying time with family. We also like to bake and listen to Christmas music.

  12. Christmas is a time to reflect on the first Advent of my Lord and Savior as well as looking forward to the second Advent yet to come! Christmas music and special treats from the kitchen factor in as well. 🙂

  13. Christmas to me is celebrating my savior’s birth. Secondly it is a time to get together with family and friends. I love listening to all of the “Christmas” songs. A lot of these songs could be played year round as they are celebrating the most important birth of all time. Thank you for these giveaways and for writing great books! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  14. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’s birth, of course! It’s also a time to spend with loved ones, eating good food and opening presents 🙂

  15. Of course the meaning of Christmas to me is first and formost the birth of our Savior and King Jesus Christ, but it also means family, love, and togetherness. As we should all come together as a family in Christ to get along better.

  16. Christmas is a special time of year to reflect on what my Savior did for me at Calvary so that I may have eternal life. Sometimes, however, I can get so caught up in the gift giving and other traditions that I do enjoy, but this year for my kids, I am wanting to help them to understand what the true meaning of Christmas is.

  17. Christmas means to celebrate the love in its simplest and yet most telling way. A child is born – how natural and simple! We have the Saviour – and how powerful!

  18. Christmas is Christ, and cookies and church, family and friends, presents and parties, exhilarating and exhausting!

  19. What a fun giveaway you gals are offering!

    To me, Christmas means hope. This year, especially, I’m choosing to dwell on what we’re really celebrating. We’re celebrating Jesus’ birth. What does He offer us? The hope of eternal life, the hope of something better, the hope of His presence in the hard of this life, the hope of joy . . . and so much more.

    Christmas also brings to mind the anticipation of special traditions within our family and the promise of some slower days and the opportunity to make memories with our boys. 🙂

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  20. At Christmas I always take time out and reflect on the gift that God gave me, His son. How Jesus came to sacrifice himself for me. I thank God for His gift and I thank Jesus for coming and taking on my sins. I love giving gifts at Christmas to family and friends. Before my dad passed I always looked forward to his making his Christmas candy that his father taught him to make. I really miss my dad at Christmas and his candy.

  21. Christmas means that most of the world stops to think about Christ at least a little and Christians celebrate Jesus’ birth! it is also a time of being together with family and friends!

  22. Christmas to me is the birth of our Saviour, spending time with family and decorating the house with more decorations then we have room for!

  23. Christmas to me means the birth of my savior. It’s also a special time to gather with family. I also enjoy the beauty of the season, including the wonderful Christmas music.

  24. Christmas to me is all about the birth of our Savior. Also this is the time of year that i really get down the most and dont really like to celebrate. I do Celebrate it being about the birth, but when it comes to the holiday itself i really dont like to celebrate as Christmas just does not mean what it use to mean when i was a lot younger.

  25. Celebrating the birth of Jesus and using the time to reflect on how blessed our family is and how thankful we are. We love the family time we get over the holidays.

  26. Christmas means that people are more open to talk about Jesus and have you share what he has done to change your life. It always means time with loved ones near or far.

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  28. Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth. Without his sacrifice we would all be doomed to hell. And what a sacrifice he made!

  29. A season set apart to focus on Christ’s birth. Gathering with loved ones. Family traditions. Good food, great music, wonderful memories. It’s “the most wonderful time of the year”!

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  31. Christmas is a time to remember the true reason why we celebrate and why we are Blessed with each day – Jesus! It’s a time to rejoice in his Blessings and spend time with those we love.

  32. Christmas means remembering the gift of Our Savior that blessed night. It means even more this year to me. My “baby” brother went home to be with Jesus exactly 8 months this Christmas Day and as much as I miss him, I just keep thinking that he is going to be spending Christmas in Heaven.

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  33. Christmas to me has nothing to do with the gifts, even though that is a really great bonus. Christmas is about spending time with family, giving to others and not expecting anything in return. But most importantly, Christmas is about giving honor to whom all the honor is due – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  34. Christmas for us is about remembering why Jesus came. It’s a time to share even more the story of His love. Having a three year old grandson makes it fun and rewarding to choose presents and bake cookies.

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  35. Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and all that he sacrificed to help me become the person God created me to be. Its not about just giving lavish gifts, but a time to live, love and shine alight on Jesus’s sacrifice for all of God’s creation.

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  36. Christmas has always had the religious significance ever since I was a little kid. Now a grandmother, I can see the importance that family and family traditions has also played in my life.

  37. Christmas is a time of goodwill with music, shopping, presents, turkey, and pumpkin pie. Also lots of Christmas movies on T.V.

  38. Christmas time is -preparation at home with baking, shopping, and decorating -church events preparation, fellowship, pageants & Christmas eve service, -special time, traditions, and remembering with family, -community events… AND it’s a time to wait for God’s ‘voice’ of love given and given and given… as we faithfully wait for the second advent.

  39. Christmas means getting to be with friends and family that I don’t always get to see. Warm hugs and kisses. Celebrating Jesus Birth. Love and Laughter. Snowballs & Christmas trees lit up and drinking hot chocolate by the fire. Some are real and some are dreams but they mean the same to me!

  40. Christmas to me means a time to rejoice and reflect on how God reached down to show us how much He loves us, giving up everything to save us. My family gets together Christmas Eve to celebrate, eating lots of cookies, and singing loudly every carol we know. Fun times!

  41. Christmas to me is about Jesus. We were celebrating Advent 23 years ago and my son, who was 5 at the time, received Jesus as Savior so it’s extra special to me for that reason. 🙂

  42. Christmas is all about Jesus; His birth and coming crucifixion and resurrection. Do life His way with His plan and come out at the end with His JOY.

  43. Christmas to me is celebrating the birth of Jesus. The kids and I always make a birthday cake for him and sing “Happy Birthday!” to him. The presents, parties and activities are all fun but I want my kids to always remember the most important thing is. Thank you for doing this giveaway. May all of you have a

  44. What a treasure trove of a giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Christmas, of course, first of all means our Redeemer has come, loving us so much that He left heaven’s glory to live among us and then later take our sin and its punishment on Himself so that we could be forgiven and live with Him in heaven some day if we believe on Jesus as Lord and Savior. But it also means family time for me. Though my kids are all grown, with only a couple of exceptions, we’ve been able to be together for Christmas each year. I know that may not always happen as they get older, and I am treasuring those times together.

  45. Christmas is Christ. The only one who died for me to save me.
    (I tried to sign up for Courtney’s email list but it just says error and I typed that in the box that it wouldn’t let me sign up)

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  46. I was a child when I began to understand what Christmas was truly about. Mom sat the creche out and I asked what it was. She explained it all to me (if I’m remembering it correctly). I was curious, especially since our family never attended church or even discussed faith. As an adult, I have my own Nativity, a couple actually and it is with this that I remember what this season is all about. It’s what it all means to me and I’ve never let go of that. I never shall.

  47. Christmas is a reminder of hope, peace, love and a time of forgiveness. A time to reflect over the past year and give thanks for the abundant blessings from God. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome bundle!

  48. I have just discovered some of these authors, some are new and others I’ve enjoyed before. This is an exciting giveaway!

  49. Christmas is Christ’s birth. It’s also a time to reinforce family ties and also those you consider family. I enjoy picking out something small or crafting something to show people our love. But I don’t like the excess of the season.

  50. This Christmas is a very relaxing time for me to reflect on God’s love and goodness. It not about getting caught up in the busyness but enjoying family and friends. I have a sense of drawing closer to family and friends. This season I have family and friends praying for me as I will be going in for surgery to have a non malignant tumor removed from the back of my head. It is incredible the peace God has given to me, feeling His sustaining Hand in all this.
    It is and will be a very Merry Christmas.

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  51. The true meaning of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ, and then, being with family, enjoying my grandson as he opens his gifts and the meals that we all have together! Just being together is my wish! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  52. Christmas means celebrating the greatest gift of Christ with your loved ones. I also love that it is a season of joy and giving.

  53. To me Christmas is the time to pause and reflect on our lives and loved ones.To just realize how blessed we are by the Savior’s coming as babe in the manger.

  54. Christmas is Jesus, family and friends, lots of baked goodies, finding that perfect gift that will make a loved one smile, watching my children light up as we do our activities based Advent Calendar, all of our fun/silly/meaningful traditions.

  55. I have been learning a lot about Christmas this year by celebrating Advent. One of the things I am doing is reading the devotional. GOD IS IN THE MANGER REFLECTIONS ON ADVENT AND CHRISTMAS by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In this dev. I am learning that Christmas is about truly stopping. Stopping and remembering and celebrating the wonder and the mystery of Christ’s birth and our salvation. Bonhoeffer also talks about how the first Advent has come and we are in the second Advent, waiting Christ’s second coming. I love that thought!

  56. Christmas is, to me, a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate our relationship with each other. I also consider Christmas Eve the beginning of the season that celebrates God’s Love (which ends at Easter and the true meaning of His Love is revealed).

  57. christmas to me means spending time with my family having a great meal,eating the christmas cookies i baked and doing the family tradition of going out driving around looking at everyones christmas lights

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    1. Forgot to answer the question. 🙂 Christmas means family. Love spending time with my family and celebrating the birth of Christ.

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  59. When I think of Christmas I think of family. It is a time where we all cram into one house and are joyfully present with each other.
    btw: You are all some of my favorite authors. I love this giveaway 🙂

  60. Christmas means Christ and family. As a kid growing up, Christmas was always a special time in our family, but since becoming a Christian, Christmas is so much more. I try to remember what Christ did for me and pass that on to my family. I also cherish the time we get to spend together at Christmas and try to create good memories of Christmas for them as well.

  61. Christmas … all begins with Jesus. 🙂 There’s always the added bonus of food (PECAN PIE OH MY) and gifts, but without Jesus, Christmas is just another day.

  62. Christmas to me is continue to go to church and realize what the real reason of Christmas is. It also it making new traditions or continuing on with the old as we do when we put a candle in every window. We also get a tree that is in a pot so that when Christmas is over we plant it outside and watch it grow. For me also Christmas is thinking about the books I want to read next year and seeing how many i can read and review .

  63. To me, Christmas is all about giving…giving of our ourselves to bless family, friends, and maybe even strangers…but most of all, about the gift of grace God gave us in sending Jesus.

  64. Christmas means a time to particularly focus on Jesus, His birth, and His purpose in coming to earth. It’s a time to draw closer to friends and family and share the love that Christ has put in our hearts. It’s also a time of fun and excitement as we follow traditions that have been set down before us. Most of all it is a time of reflection for me, as I search myself to see if I am being the person God has called me to be.

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  66. Christmas is…Jesus. He is the reason why we celebrate Christmas and it’s a wonderful time to reflect on what He did for us. It’s also a time spent with family and friends making old and new traditions together.

  67. Christmas is a time of joy and sadness. The empty chairs around the table are being filled by younger, smaller versions. Busyness and frantic shopping competes with the real reason for the season. But as I turn on my Christmas lights, I try to tune out all those distractions and focus on the One who came to give Light: our Lord Jesus Christ.

  68. Christmas means GRACE. It is all about God’s saving grace and his world-changing gift to us: salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ!

  69. Christmas is about the birth of Christ, our Savior. The sad part is that too many of us get caught in all the trappings, even good things like family and church activities, to the point we don’t stop long enough to really think about the true meaning.

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