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It’s the end of the week and I’m still coming off jet lag so I thought it was time for one more fun post.

Here are the first three books I read.

When we got back from Germany, here is one category of things that waited for me. I was like a kid at Christmas! (And you cannot imagine how many books I said no to!) Needless to say, I’ve been reading like crazy since I got home. It feels soooo good to read a real, physical, pages-in-my-hand book rather than on my iPad.

Now I’m reading Rare Earth and the Mackinac Island book is next.

As I’ve grabbed book, I’ve paid attention to which ones I grabbed. Best on the photo to the left, romantic suspense is still my first choice.

Followed by historical.

Here’s my Mackinac Island book…with one of my favorite readers.

If you had a stack of books like this, which would you grab first? Do you gravitate toward a genre or an author? Irene Hannon’s book was the first I read because I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed…boy was I right! It was so good.

Now go look at the first photo again…the one with the leaning tower of books. One title is in there twice. Leave a comment with which book and I’ll enter you for a chance to get that extra copy. Leave a comment with how you choose what to read and I’ll enter you again. Can’t wait to read your comments!

The winner selected by is comment 41 Amanda. Thanks to all who played along!

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  1. I am all over the map on genres. A couple of weeks ago, I was on a non-fiction bent. Finished that, now I’m on biography. Given a stack like that, I’d probably sort by genre, then alternate between the piles.

  2. Glamorous Illusions…5th one down is in their twice. there’s no rhyme or reason how I pick a book. Read a few in a certain genre for awhile…love historical romance. But I love Amish, mystery, and am enjoying the Romancing America books. I just love to be swept to another time and place in a good book!!!

  3. Glamorous Illusions 🙂 I love historical romance, but am also leaning toward distopian fiction (mostly to pre-read prior to recommending things to my teen readers) Find next read thru free e-books on kindle and friend/family recommendations

  4. Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren. I usually pick a favorite author within a genre(usually historical fiction). A good cover really goes a long way in helping me choose a book too.

  5. As far as how I choose what to read, it depends. I review a lot of novels, so sometimes they’re chosen for me. I also depend a lot reviews for recommendations. And sometimes, I will just walk up and down the aisles of the library and pick out a few (armloads) of books. It’s almost therapeutic. 🙂

    Erin Shepherd

  6. I can’t read the title in the picture, but it’s the Lisa Tawn Bregren book. The newest adult book. (Which according to other people’s comments is Glamourous Illusions)

  7. I too go alot by genre, well, first by author, then by genre. Then by back cover description of the story, then by picture on the front cover. Or by which has to be reviewed first or returned to the library first. 😀
    In that pile I’d read the Kristen Billerbeck book first because I greatly enjoyed the first 2 in the series and the review for it is due this next week! Then I’d read the Lisa Tawn Bregren book because I’ve been enjoying her books since the Paladise Romance books published Treasure when I was in high school!

  8. I found that GLAMOROUS ILLUSIONS is in there twice. An interesting book that would be a great read. I find that I pick books on the look of the cover and title name. I usually go to the computer and look it up or at the look at the book at the library, read the back and see if it interests me. I read all kinds of books not just one era.

  9. Glamorous Illusions is the double title.

    I choose by genre – love to read fantasy, historical, speculative, contemporary. To me, reading is like eating – too much of one genre at once is too much. I like to switch it up and enjoy a buffet or genres!

  10. I have a stak about like that to be read! I usually read the ones by authors I am familiar with first, or ones I have heard/read great review off


  11. I noticed the duplicate Glamorous Illusions book when you posted the pic on Facebook. My first thought was “Man, I hate it when I’m not paying attention and grab the same book twice.” 🙂 Some authors are just that way though! One copy is just not enough. LOL

    When I have a stack, I put them in order of what story sounds good. Then I alternate between best and least so that I have another great one to look forward to after reading one that might not be so interesting looking or sounding. A lot of times the one least likely turns out being great anyway!!!

  12. I never judge a book by it’s cover.

    I love reading new authors (I cannot count the times I felt I had to read all the books they have published after reading one).

    I have found all my favorites by author recommendations and I am open to the genre, I enjoy reading them all!

    As long as it’s Christian Fiction I’m happy.

  13. My first choice is almost always a historical romance with a western setting. Next is my fav authors and a cover that jumps out at me. I never read the back cover copy because they often give away too much info.

    Glamorous Illusions is the duplicate copy.

    Have fun reading all of those wonderful books!

  14. Glamorous Illustrations by Lisa Bergen – please enter me to win – I love your books – sorry I haven’t been to your site in awhile.
    I have a book stack higher than that but can always add one more.
    I too prefer a book in my hands.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  15. Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Bergen is the double.
    I usually will grab the latest book by one of my probably 20 favorite Christian authors. If MaryLu Tyndall has a new one, I’m on it! I love romantic suspense, historical and Irene Hannon writes great suspense, too!

  16. The duplicate book is Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Bergen. I choose my books by their covers. So, I guess you could say…I judge a book by its cover…tee hee!

  17. Oh, Cara, the duplicate book is… the one with print nearly the same color as the binding and sooo hard to read with these old eyes. It does appear to be GLAMOROUS ILLUSIONS.

    And I’ve been wanting to read it!!!

    What a wonderful stack to come home to. And I’m so with you about reading a real hold-in-my-hand book! E-books have many benefits, but I find putting my feet up and reading a real one so much more satisfying.

    Mary Kay

  18. And when I have a stack, my selection process varies depending on the type of reading I’ve been doing and what I NEED based on how the week is going. But first off–my favorite, reliable-to-provide-a-great-story authors.

    So glad there are quite a few of those, and I’m always being introduced to more. 🙂

    Mary Kay

  19. I like to read suspense mostly and then I lean toward historical/ humor and if I can find all in one all the better! I’m really liking Over The Edge by Mary Connealy and my next choice would be Proof by Jordan Redwood! So hard to choose between all those good books!

  20. The duplicate copy is Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Bergen.

    Actually I’m all over the place when it comes to choosing what to read. I’m an Avid reader and just about any genre does it for me. I haven’t found very many books or genres that I didn’t like!

    Blessings and Happy Reading!

  21. Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Bergen. I just read a great review over at USA Today. And that’s probably the one I’d pick first in the stack to read as well – a sweet simple historical romance for the summer. That and bizarrely the Rare Earth book looks intriguing. I’m off to see what that one’s all about.

  22. Looking at that lovely stack of books, I would have read “Love in Disguise” by Carol Cox first. I love historical fiction the most!
    I also love reading real paper books and not so much the digital readers. Although I must admit that I have Kindle on my computer, but I only use it when I want to read and knit at the same time. 🙂


  23. It’s so fun learning how y’all pick your next book. I have to say it was intriguing to stare at a pile and try to pick the next one. When I finish Rare Earth…I’m on to Love in Disguise…or Almost Amish…or Garden of Madness or Dying to Read. Some are authors that are tried and true and a couple are new to me.

  24. Glamorous Illusions is the duplicate book! I love Lisa’s books! I love historical fiction, usually 1800s civil war, wild west, sometimes Amish and contemporary. Is pick Mary Connealy’s book out of your pile first. (was at Mackinac Island last month-would love to read about a place I’ve been to as well)

  25. Looks like some good books on this stack and first choice I would pick almost amish, because I have been wanting to read it, your duplicate thought is Glamorous Illusions by Lisa #5 and #11 in the stack.
    thanks for the drawing
    Paula O(

  26. When i have a large stack of books on my to be read pile like you, i would first grab a suspense novel, Irene Hannon is great, unless it’s almost bedtime, then probably a historical fiction or a Lauraine Snelling novel. Glamorous Illusions looks fantastic, how come you got 2?


  27. Romantic Suspense are generally my first choice – Dee Henderson, Irene Hannon, Colleen Coble. But Historical are a close second. I really enjoy learning more about times of the past. And I’ve been finding some new (to me) authors as well! :O)

  28. I choose my books based on which one needs the review first. Boy it can be hard though when other titles are calling me to read them!

    I’m DYING to get my hands on Proof. It looks fantastic. 🙂

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